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Leading with Faith: Gov. Glenn Youngkin speaks in Convocation

April 21, 2022

Liberty University President Jerry Prevo welcomed Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin to the Convocation stage on March 25 to loud applause after introducing him as someone who “has not hidden that it is his faith that keeps him grounded and motivates him to serve.”

The governor’s message was a testimony to that statement. He recounted his journey to becoming governor and spoke about the importance of his prayer life, the many issues that are causing divisiveness in our country today, and how to show love without compromising our convictions.

“What an honor to speak not just at Liberty University but at Liberty University Convocation,” Youngkin told the students. “This is special. I hope all of you understand how special this is to come together — in faith — at your university, to share in the brotherhood of Christ together.”

Just over two months into his role as Virginia’s 74th governor, he called the road to Richmond “a test of perseverance, an eye-opening insight into the soul of Virginia, the most amazing job interview you could possibly imagine.”

“Above and beyond all those things that are quite earthly,” he added, “this campaign in the first 10 weeks of serving Virginians has done one most important thing: it has been an absolute affirmation of my faith.”

Liberty President Jerry Prevo greets Gov. Glenn Youngkin.

While many politicians run for election because people around them encourage it, Youngkin said his campaign began in his prayer closet. He said he sensed the Lord calling him to consider running for governor, and his wife urged him to follow that leading.

“I’ve never believed that prayer is about moving God to where I am but a process of God moving us to where He is,” he said.

Throughout this time, Psalm 121, “Our help comes from the Lord” kept coming to mind.

“I asked Him every day for help, and I continue to ask Him every day for help.”

Youngkin encouraged students to consider careers in public service. “Christians need to serve on the front lines,” he said.

Youngkin pointed out that Liberty graduates are currently holding office, serving in state government, and even working alongside him on his staff.

“The reputation and impact of Liberty University extends far beyond the Blue Ridge Mountains,” he said.

Youngkin congratulated Liberty on its 50th Anniversary and prayed over the students, asking God to direct their steps and light their paths so that they would find clarity in their callings.

Youngkin’s visit served as the keynote address for the Helms School of Government’s annual academic research conference. Dean Robert Hurt led a discussion after Youngkin’s main Convocation message.

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