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By Drew Menard, September 28, 2015

Complementing the graceful architecture of Liberty University’s new state-of-the-art Center for Music and the Worship Arts are some of the most finely crafted pianos in the world. This summer, Liberty’s School of Music became an All-Steinway School, a distinction that belongs to only about 120 colleges and universities in America. In achieving this, Liberty has committed to providing its students with the highest quality pianos the world has to offer.

“The approval of Liberty University School of Music as an ‘All-Steinway’ institution is a major accomplishment for all involved,” said Dr. Vernon M. Whaley, dean of the School of Music. “Now, the entire arts community — the music professionals at sister institutions, the music industry, and artists — along with parents and students can be assured that those studying music on any level at Liberty University will have access to some of the finest instruments in the world.”

Steinway & Sons pianos are known for their uncompromising standards of sound, touch, beauty, and value. They are the exclusive piano of choice for 98 percent of orchestra pianists around the world, as well as the more than 1,700 musicians who have been designated Steinway Artists.

Almost every room in the new Center for Music and the Worship Arts will have a piano. The university purchased 124 Steinways to outfit the center’s two wings — the educational area (which opened this fall) and the fine arts auditorium (a 1,600-seat venue opening in the spring). The 141,000-square-foot facility includes 50 practice rooms, 43 teaching studios, three large common areas for group instruction and rehearsal, and two recital halls, most of which are already in use.

Eight grand pianos — including an exquisite 9-foot Model D Steinway Concert Grand that will be featured on the stage of the fine arts auditorium — were hand selected and tested by School of Music faculty during a visit to Steinway’s selection room in New York in June. The faculty members were able to witness firsthand the uncompromising craftsmanship of Steinway pianos.

Liberty’s Center for Music and the Worship Arts was designed to meet student needs while inspiring and facilitating collaboration and creativity. Having the best equipment on the market helps demonstrate the university’s commitment to excellence. As the nation’s seventh largest School of Music, Liberty’s program is committed to placing professionals in every arena, from churches and ministry organizations to concert halls, music festivals, and major record labels — Champions for Christ serving around the world. Diverse degree offerings, including commercial music, music education, worship leadership, ethnomusicology, film score, and music performance, allow students to train for a number of careers and to confidently enter a competitive job market.

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