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In just five years…

September 28, 2015

A $500 million rebuilding of campus has changed Liberty’s landscape dramatically. Major projects in the last five years include: the Hancock Welcome Center, the Jerry Falwell Library and a new lake, the Center for Medical and Health Sciences, the Science Hall, Residential Commons I (Liberty’s first high-rise residence hall), a parking garage, pedestrian and vehicular tunnels to make accessing campus easier, new softball and baseball stadiums, a major football stadium expansion, a basketball practice facility, and a renovated and expanded LaHaye Student Union (fitness facility). Projects currently underway are: the Center for Music and the Worship Arts (a portion of which opened for the fall semester), the Academic and Performance Center for student-athletes, Residential Commons II (a wing of which opened for students this fall), an expansion of the LaHaye Ice Center hockey and ice skating venue, an addition to DeMoss Hall (including a student center, new dining options, and a bowling alley), and Freedom Tower — the new home of the School of Divinity. An expansive greenway is also taking shape that will connect Liberty’s new buildings and provide a beautifully landscaped walkway through campus.

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