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November 28, 2023

One of President Dondi Costin’s first events on campus was the All-Staff Meeting on Aug. 15, when he thanked employees for their commitment to see students succeed.

“I’ve been around some highly talented and highly capable people all over the world in my professional life, but I can say with absolute honesty I’ve never been in a room with more talent,” he told them. “All it takes to run a university are students and faculty, but they could never do their jobs in raising young men and women to go and serve God without you doing the things that you do. You play a vital part in making sure that every single one of those students crosses the stage and then goes into the world, in whatever sphere of influence God will land them, so that they can become Champions for Christ.”

The Liberty Journal introduces you to just a few of the many employees across campus who view their job as a calling as they keep the campus running smoothly day to day, meeting the essential needs of over 15,000 residential students and leading by example how to serve Christ in the workplace.

John Walter // Assistant Landscape Manager/Grounds

John oversees the landscaping team, monitoring areas for repair or maintenance and standing ready for snow removal, cleanup after football games, and general beautification of campus.

“My passion is to make all landscapes on campus look their best, to make it inviting for prospective students, to feel like home for current students, and a place to be proud of for alumni. What drives me is the fact that the results of our work are seen every day by students, faculty, and staff. It may be a small part, but when they see the care we put into the campus, it may put a smile on their face and even inspire them as they go through their day. I want everyone who attends or works at Liberty to have a beautiful place to come to every day and see that our landscapes are second to none for a college campus.”

“Liberty University is a great place to work, where hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Working outside every day, we get the opportunity to witness God’s hand in nature, from the sunrise, flowers blooming, and the beautiful mountains that surround our campus. It is a blessing.”

Linda Witt // Bus Driver/Transit Services

“It’s not like you can carry on a long conversation and drive a bus, but you do get to meet the students, and through the repetition of them getting on, you get to know at least some of them by their first names. I’ve actually had the opportunity to pray with several students from time to time, just talking to them and finding out that they might have a need that I can pray for them. It’s been a big blessing.”

“Liberty is a great place to work if you want to be a part of the Christian atmosphere and be able to make a difference, even in a small way, such as praying for somebody. Making that kind of difference is a big deal. It’s a worthy job.”

Joseph Francis Jr. // Senior Food Service Supervisor/Liberty Dining Services

“Chef Joseph” has worked for Liberty since 2015 and has spent 51 years as a professional chef, from the U.S. Army to restaurants and hospitals.

“I like pleasing others. One of my biggest mottos is ‘Pleasing you pleases me.’ I think that I’m taking care of the future generation. You can’t get a good study going on unless you have a nice breakfast and you’re greeted with a smile in the morning. If you start with someone getting you upset, it just ruins your day.”

“I started with serving the general public. I’ve done fine dining, country clubs, cruise ships, and yet Liberty students are more appreciative than any other group I have ever met.”

Loretta Egan // Senior Supervisor, Academics/Custodial

Loretta oversees all custodial operations in the main academic buildings.

“I view my job as a calling and an answer to prayer. Every day, I have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of students and the entire university community. Maintaining a clean and safe campus is not just a job but a calling to ensure that students can focus on their studies, faculty can teach effectively, and everyone can have a positive experience at Liberty. I consider it a privilege to be a part of this mission.”

“It’s enriching to be part of a community that values faith, education, and personal growth. The university’s commitment to fostering a positive work environment and providing opportunities for professional development has made my tenure here even more fulfilling.”

Jasmine Harris // Research Consultant Supervisor/Jerry Falwell Library

Jasmine assists residential and online students in navigating the library’s vast resources to enhance their studies.

“At my job, I get to serve students not just on campus but around the world. Our communication lines are huge. I get to serve students in a way that affects them academically. I can provide them with the tools that they need to find success here at Liberty.”

“The experience that you get working at Liberty is something that you can’t put into just a few words. One time I was having a really hard week, and in the middle of the workday, my supervisor noticed and took the time to pull me aside, and that was a moment I will never forget. She spoke with me and prayed over my life, and that’s what you get here at Liberty. The people here don’t treat you like just an employee. Here, you get the love of Jesus Christ because it pours out of everybody who works at this university.”

Jennifer Broggin //Communications Dispatcher/
Emergency Management & Community Engagement

Jennifer responds to both emergency 911 and nonemergency calls on campus and is a training officer.

“I’ve always felt the need to want to help people. Sometimes you get a student who sounds a little frustrated or confused, and it’s good to know you can talk to them and ease their minds about some things. I want them to feel like they still have somebody they can talk to when they are away from home.”

“Working at Liberty, you get to meet a diversity of people on a daily basis and encounter so many different situations. It’s a good group of people to serve with in the workplace. With a foundation in the Christian faith, I feel like I have someone I can go to and pray over and say a prayer with. There’s not a department that I have encountered at Liberty where I don’t feel I could find someone to talk to if I needed to.”

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