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Falwells join President Trump, faith leaders at White House

October 31, 2018

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell and his wife, Becki, represented Liberty at a state dinner at the White House on Aug. 27, joined by about 100 influential faith leaders, including pastors, education leaders, professional athletes, former presidential candidates, and heads of conservative political organizations.

The dinner was held in the East Room, and the Falwells sat at the head table with President Donald Trump, Melania Trump, and five others, including Franklin Graham.

“It was an honor to attend the dinner,” Becki Falwell said. “During President Trump’s opening remarks, he referred to Jerry by name several times. Jerry spoke to the group about how he believed that President Trump would be remembered as the greatest president since George Washington, joking that since George Washington was related to me that he had to remain second to George. He also praised Melania for being the classiest and most beautiful first lady in American history.”

“I believe that the event provided the president and the first lady with much needed praise, love, and encouragement from a group of solid supporters,” Jerry Falwell added. “Becki and I sat by the first lady, and we were impressed with her warmth and authenticity. She even asked how our granddaughter, Virginia, was doing.”

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