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Campus to serve up new dining hot spot in 2022

March 25, 2021

Construction is scheduled to begin in May on a new dining hall, located between Residential Commons III and Liberty Lake, that will become one of the premier college dining facilities in the country.

The building will be called the New Reber-Thomas, honoring Dan Reber and Jimmy Thomas Sr., the original donors of the current dining hall, The Food Court at Reber-Thomas.

At 130,000 square feet, the new building will be much larger than the current dining hall and will allow for increased seating — up to 2,700 seats initially, including a covered patio, with the ability to expand to 3,600 seats to meet future needs. The entryway will feature more overhead coverage and more turnstiles.

The interior will bear a similar layout to the existing dining hall, featuring about 30 food stations across the venue that will offer a wide array of menu items, including an allergen-free room, a front-facing bake shop in the dessert area (including a gluten-free bake shop), and exhibition kitchen station for hosting cooking classes for students.

Liberty’s Planning  and Construction Office has been engaging with student groups to gather input on the design.

The new dining hall is slated to open in Fall 2022. 

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