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Wayne Huizenga Jr.

After earthly success left him empty, donor found true riches in Christ

February 17, 2016

Wayne Huizenga Jr. thought he had it all. His family owned three professional sports teams and one of the most recognizable waste management companies in the country. He was a shrewd business negotiator, and he continuously saw his investment choices pay off.

But despite his accumulating wealth, Huizenga’s life was bankrupt. Empty, he said, until he surrendered his life to Christ.

He shared his testimony with Liberty University students in a Convocation last fall. (Watch the Oct. 19 Convocation on Liberty’s YouTube channel). David Nasser, senior vice president for spiritual development, introduced him as a man who had “achieved the pinnacle of business success,” and had learned the importance of leveraging that influence for the advancement of God’s kingdom.

Huizenga said he has always given back a portion of his wealth, but now, rather than giving from a sense of duty, he gives out of love for others and an appreciation for what God has done. He has committed to investing in causes that will last for eternity, including the lives of Liberty students who are training to become Champions for Christ in their chosen professions.

Huizenga is not only a Liberty supporter — he is also a Liberty parent. His daughter Savannah (Huizenga) Bennett graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology: Christian Counseling last May and is currently enrolled in the Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling: Executive Leadership program.

Sharing some of his life wisdom with students, Huizenga told them to trust God over themselves when making decisions. He said that when making a business decision, he asks himself if he could face God with confidence after doing so.

Some people may find success using practices that harm others, he said, but that success will not be eternally rewarding.

“If the Lord is not in it, it is not going to be joyful,” he said.

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