A letter from the Chancellor

By Jerry Falwell, September 29, 2012
Liberty University had one of its most exciting summers in history. With more building projects in progress than ever before, the pace didn’t slow down, as is usually the case between semesters. If you visited us this summer, you probably had to dodge dump trucks on your way in and out. The campus transformation is in full swing, with the Hancock Welcome Center, the Jerry Falwell Library, a new baseball stadium, and a basketball practice facility behind the Vines Center all under construction. Many other improvements are being made all around — some on Liberty’s beautiful mountain property that many may not even realize is part of our campus.
In this issue, you will tour Liberty in the midst of its transformation from a campus of primarily temporary structures built in the school’s earliest days to a campus of the finest quality construction and architecture. You will also read about Liberty’s recent academic successes. New online programs are being unveiled almost monthly. Two programs of our School of Engineering and Computational Sciences recently received ABET* accreditation. Our new Zaki Gordon Cinematic Arts Center held a dedication event with a film festival that featured highly successful filmmakers who are making a positive impact on the industry. Our seminary is training ministerial students from its new location at the old Thomas Road Baptist Church, growing from the roots planted there so many years ago.
While God has blessed Liberty with wonderful new facilities and academic programs, Liberty’s first priority will always be training its students to succeed in their chosen fields, in their family lives, and, most importantly, as Champions for Christ. Our faculty are committed Christians and consider teaching to be a calling, not just a job. I often hear how they take a personal interest in each student, both here on campus and online. Our staff worked overtime this summer in record heat to feed and house local residents when most of our community lost power for several days.
Likewise, our students live out their faith. As the new school year started, I was told about how students purchased cold drinks for construction workers on campus. It is truly a privilege to serve the greatest student body in the world at Liberty University!
Jerry Falwell, Jr.
Chancellor and President

*ABET is a nonprofit and non-governmental accrediting agency for academic programs in the disciplines of applied science, computing, engineering, and engineering technology. ABET is a recognized accreditor in the United States (U.S.) by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. ABET accreditation provides assurance that a college or university program meets the quality standards established by the profession for which the program prepares its students. ABET accredits postsecondary programs housed in degree-granting institutions which have been recognized by national or regional institutional accreditation agencies or national education authorities worldwide.

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