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A Heart for Ukraine

September 20, 2022

Liberty University has continued its efforts to support the people of Ukraine through service trips and shipments of supplies. In partnership with Operation Blessing, Liberty sent a group of two team leaders and 10 students to Przemysl, Poland, in May to be the hands and feet of Christ to those who have fled areas devastated by the war in Ukraine. The trip was facilitated by LU Serve Now, the university’s disaster relief program.

The group compiled care packages, spent time with children at a refugee housing center in nearby Korczowa, and served at a hospitality truck and tent set up for Ukrainian refugees entering or exiting the country near the border. They witnessed many people still leaving Ukraine, but also a large number seeking to go back in to find their loved ones.

Daniel Smith, an LU Serve staff member who led the trip along with fellow staff member Pam Trowbridge, said that the students will now pursue their studies through a more mature lens.

“It will change you,” he said. “The opportunities that you have on the ground and the different culture that you are interacting in give students a completely different view of life. It may not change their path at Liberty and what they are going to do afterwards, but it does change how they are going to approach that. I think it develops their passion for people and helps them understand the world better.”

Additionally, LU Serve will be partnering this fall with Christian humanitarian organization World Help to send supplies to Romania, where they will be collected and distributed to Ukraine refugees by Greater Europe Mission and local Baptist partners in Ukraine. The supplies are made possible by donations to the Liberty University Fund for Ukraine’s Future.  


The Liberty University Fund for Ukraine’s Future utilizes LU’s resources for education and humanitarian assistance to directly serve the young men and women of Ukraine, helping to ensure that the country’s next generation is prepared to rebuild their lives. 

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