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Movies and ADA Compliance

All movies are free to attend. Concessions and free popcorn will be available. We accept cash, credit card, and Flames Cash.
In order to accommodate all guests and increase your viewing experience, the movies we show will have closed captioning turned on

Binge and Banter shows

This is not a promotion of or showing of the programs we’ve chosen. Rather, it is a discussion of the important topics in the television shows and how to handle them. Student Activities does not explicitly promote the shows we discuss (see below).

About the movies and TV shows we choose

Student Activities does not explicitly promote the television shows/movies we show. As always, we seek to engage with and review what is happening in our culture in order to interact with it in a godly manner, which is why we do what we do. For more on the movies/music that we do choose, check out our FAQ page! In order to choose a film that is right for you, we highly encourage all guests to view a movie’s content rating prior to attending the event.