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SA Conversations: Judd Harris

June 6, 2019

Judd is one of our favorite friends and our go-to for any concert availabilities we have. His amazing hair and contagious laugh have nothing on his outstanding character. You probably know him because he’s a student here at Liberty and he’s also a part of the Liberty Worship Collective, BUT did you know he’s been crowned the King of Lynchburg? Tune in to our latest SA Conversations episode to hear us chat with Judd about how he became the King, his experience at Liberty, his hometown of Okeechobee, Florida, his passion for making music, and of course, why he thinks Applebee’s is amazing.


This podcast features Erin Cleveland (Assistant Director of Programming) and Marissa Kusayanagi (Event Supervisor). The episode was produced and edited by Clay Copper (Event Supervisor). Our jingle was created by Judd Harris.