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Q Union Recap

November 2, 2018

Written By: Stephanie Ward

Last week, we had the honor of hosting Q Union. In short, this is an event that features a broadcast of national speakers, live local student speakers and discussions regarding the culture around us. Q Union is a one night event that encourages students and communities across the country to engage in society’s most difficult conversations. This year, we guided these talks using a topic called The Power of We. The hope was to inspire students to take a practical look at what can happen in our communities when people come together, despite their differences, in such a divisive time in our nation. We looked at topics that helped us see what it is like to be hospitable to those who may not share the same beliefs and to grow in knowledge with those on our own campus.

We recorded our three student speakers’ as well as a Q&A session, led by the Coordinator for the Center for Apologetics and Cultural Engagement, Jack Carson. You can watch these talks below, and for more info on Q Union, visit their website.


Caleb Brown, Bachelors: Philosophy and Biblical Studies

Topic: Talk About Talking – Why Bother?

Logan Price, Bachelors: Journalism and Theology & Apologetics

Topic: Lose the Moment

Marissa Kusayanagi, Masters: Public Health

Topic: The Value of Her Voice