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Student Activities Fall 2022 Event Preview

August 11, 2022

After three months apart it is finally time for all of us to come back together for the Fall semester and we are SO EXCITED to see all of you! As students begin to fill Liberty’s campus again for the coming school year, we will see the reuniting of old friends after months apart and we will watch as a new year brings in a new class of freshman who will begin to make lifelong friends! Here in the Student Activities office, we have been hard at work preparing a semester of events that will give each and every student the opportunity to come together to enjoy themselves and to build relationships with one another!

This semester is chocked full, and I do mean FULL, of exciting new events, but also many of the Student Activities events that students have come to know and love will be making an appearance as well. We wanted to provide room for the return of classic events that have become tradition to many of the students here and bring in the new semester with new events that students will soon come to know and love!

Kicking us off for the semester we have Fall Welcome Week which is filled to the brim with classic events like Outdoor Open Mic, Bingo, and Outdoor Movie which are events that we will also get to see again throughout the semester. Speaking of classic events, the annual celebration of surviving the first week of class otherwise known as Block Party is an event, we all can’t wait to get to!

As crazy awesome as Fall Welcome Week is, it is only a taste of what we have for you for this semester! Student Activities has spent many hours putting together new events for the semester are funky, fresh, and fun! (I cringed at that line but it’s staying for the LOLs) With events like Line Dancing Night, Laser Tag, Couch Acoustics, Neon Mini Golf and so much more, there is an event for everyone to come and enjoy this Fall! Our beloved Fall Fest will be making an appearance once again, but students will also get to experience the first ever Monster Mash!

There is so much for the student body to be excited for as we look ahead student concerts, a comedy show with Dustin Nickerson, Christmas in Lights, and of course COFFEEHOUSE! We are so excited for y’all to be back here with us building community and just having fun together! SEE Y’ALL SOON!


Written by: Elisabeth Hardy

Elisabeth is a Psychology Counseling major with minors in Biblical Studies and Youth Ministry. She is passionate about using opportunities to show the creativity of God and His presence! She loves writing for the blog as a way to express herself and be creative about things that are fun and relevant.

Block Party Artist Preview

August 5, 2022

Lucas James

Lucas James hails from Cincinnati, Ohio. WHO DEY! (If you know you know) Lucas is excited to share his music on the Block Party stage which is influenced mostly by the Indie-pop genre. Lucas enjoys the story-telling aspect of music and how music can take you on a journey. He is inspired by artists such as Lizzy McAlpine and Jordy Searcy. Get to Block Party right when gates open for Lucas James to take you on a musical journey through his life.


KMO delivers passionate pop/RnB music to his listeners by drawing inspirations from Jon Bellion and Stevie Wonder. The Maryland native’s fun and joyful personality shine through his music and can be seen clearly during live performances. When you see him around campus, ask him about the time he met a president of the United States. KMO is no stranger to the Student Activities stage and is excited to return for Block Party.

Evvie McKinney

Evvie McKinny is an up-and-coming Gospel artist who gained recognition after winning the show Four: Battle of Stardom on FOX. Her debut single on her new record label “Bring the Whole Hood” gives you a glimpse of Evvie’s life and motivations for her music. Student Activities is excited for Evvie to take the Block Party stage and give us a fresh take of the future of gospel music.

Gable Price and Friends

Gable Price and Friends is a punk rock band from Redding, California delivering the hypest jams and the deepest lyrics. Never sacrificing on the deeper meaning, Gable Price and Friends has found their musical niche somewhere between Holy and Hand Grenade. Known for their electric performances, Gable Price and Friends has an energy that fans cannot forget. This band has no clue what it means to use an inside voice. From rock and roll anthems, to cry your heart out love songs for God, this band knows what it means to feel. Challenging lyrics like “Offend my mind so that I can know you more” are a staple of the band and their off the wall perspective on Life, Christianity, and the human experience. Listen to Gable Price and Friends if you want to find yourself jumping around and remembering the goodness of God, Gable Price and Friends will be your new favorite band.

Social Club Misfits

Social Club Misfits is a Christian Hip Hop duo from Miami, Florida featuring the talents of rappers Fern and Marty. Social Club Misfits constantly looks to push the boundaries of hip hop as they combine their unique personalities to create an authentic and positive experience. Their albums pull from several influences such as their Puerto Rician cultural roots, their quirky sense of humor, and their life experiences but they find a way to craft it all to point to God. In 2020 Social Club Misfits dropped the Album “Feared by Hell” and won Hip-Hop Album of the year at the Dove Awards, beating out the Album Jesus is King by then Kanye West. At this time Marty and Fern realized they were burnt out and decided to take a break, a normal death sentence for a musician, Social Club saw this as a way to refresh themselves as fathers, husbands, and friends. Against the odds they are back working on music, this is the passion and talent God has given them. Come experience their high-energy performance and no apologies personalities at Block Party!

What we’re listening to: July 2022

July 14, 2022

It’s getting hot outside and so is our playlist for this month. Put together by our staff and curated just for you, this playlist is great for any occasion. Roll the windows down or hangout with some friends while listening to some of our favorite artists right now.

What we’re listening to: June 2022

June 16, 2022

Here is a playlist brought to you by our event staff. You’ll find everything from mellow indie jams to mood boosting ballads. Enjoy this on your nighttime drives or when you’re hanging at the beach.

What we’re listening to: May 2022

May 19, 2022

This month’s playlist is brought to you by two of our Event Supervisors, Justin Gibble and Walker Sandler. The weather is getting warmer, so here is a playlist to kickstart those summer vibes. Throw this on when you’re driving windows down, sitting in the park, or spending time with your friends.

Spring 2022 Semester Recap

May 6, 2022

Student Activities is known for putting on events that bring students together to find their closest friends. From bingo nights to Coffeehouse to free snow cones, this semester has been filled with the spirit of community, friendship, and entertainment.

At the start of this semester, I was looking at a very full but very exciting calendar. With this being my senior year, I knew I had to make the most of every moment. I remember being hired in the Spring of 2021 and feeling so thrilled to be a part of this team, and that thrill has stayed with me. I was ready to learn all I could and connect with students and my coworkers. Being a newbie simultaneously feels like a lifetime ago and like it happened last week. Now, wrapping up my final shifts has me reminiscing on this past semester with Student Activities.

Kicking off the semester with Rock the Rot, Open Mic, and a Student Concert, we welcomed students back with a week of music. The rest of the month featured nostalgic nights including Family Feud, 80s and 80s Bingo, and Prime Time Trivia. Everyone who showed up really showed off with their outfits, knowledge, and talent.

Moving into February, we learned that many students really paid attention in their elementary spelling lessons through our first ever Spelling Bee, and celebrated Valentine’s Day with a Rom Com Movie Marathon. Our staple events stayed throughout the month and before we knew it, we were ready to go to space at Coffeehouse: The Great Beyond.

We launched (literally) into that night with incredible performances, hilarious videos, and out of this world costumes. For everyone in attendance, it was truly a night to remember. Coffeehouse has always been my favorite event, so having my last one be that level of production and hype was very special to me.

But the semester wasn’t over yet. Spider-Man swung into our last Drive-In Movie of the spring. After that came more bingo and open mics, along with a concert with college kids’ favorite indie Christian artist, Chris Renzema. The semester concluded with a sunny shopping day on the Academic Lawn at the Community Yard Sale.

Through all of these events, there were a few constants: students, staff, and super good times. To everyone who attended any of these events, I offer you my most sincere thank you. These events really would be pointless without students attending them, so we are always glad you all enjoy them. To my coworkers, you guys are the best people I have ever known, and I would not have made it through college without you. Please don’t ever become strangers whose laughs I could recognize anywhere. Throwing the biggest hearts your way for the rest of my life.

There were points that felt like we’d never reach the end of a day let alone the semester, but for the most part it was pretty much a speed run. I’m not a big fan of running, but this job is something I would sprint toward like my life depended on it. This semester, along with the two before it, has been nothing short of remarkable. Student Activities has given me friends and memories for life.

But like everything in life, this experience must come to an end. It is with a bittersweet nostalgia that I will look back on this job. The time I had here was filled with laughs and hard work, and I will treasure it forever. Long live all the magic we made. Thank you all for a great semester.


Written by: Anna Pender

Anna is a Senior Strategic Communications major. She is thankful to have the opportunity to write for the blog because it gives her a chance to explore and write about topics and events that she is passionate about and that are relevant to the world. She loves getting to be creative and share her personality through writing.

Artist Expo: Gable Price and Friends

April 28, 2022

I’ll be honest with ya’ll, I didn’t know who these guys from Redding, CA were all that long ago. But now, Gable Price and Friends are a group of fist-pumping “bad boys” I’ll never forget. Formed in 2018, frontman Gable Price and his aforementioned friends, Adam Elizararraz (guitar), Daniel Vargas (drums) released their first EP “The Redding Ep”. The following year the band enlisted the talents of David Funk on bass (which with a name like that there was no other career path for the man), as well as guitarist Cameron Pablo to begin work on their freshman album. Going into their 4th year as a band, Price and the gang have released their first full length album, “Fractioned Heart” in 2020, a “reimagined” EP of previously released songs, a couple additional singles, and their newest EP, “If I’m Being Honest…” which dropped just last year.

So what makes these guys special? The band makes no efforts to hide their faith within their songs yet aren’t your typical sounding worship group. They’ve blended a unique rock sound that makes you want to jump around and dance with your friends, and personal, heart-jabbing lyrics that cause you to do a little soul-searching. Take “I Need You” off their latest EP for example. If you aren’t listening too closely, you could simply nod your head along with the up-beat chorus and guitar riffs. But tune those ears just a little more and you’ll hear the cry of a desperate man singing about his drifting from God and ongoing lack of honesty about it. And the coolest part is, you can have both of those things together. You can put the windows down and jam out with your friends and get vulnerable about real things. That’s not something you find combined in your everyday rock band. And people are taking notice. The group now amasses over 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify (the obviously superior music streaming service) and is playing shows throughout the US in the Spring and Summer of 2022.

If you weren’t there, we got to experience Gable Price and Friends firsthand on April 23rd at the first ever Student Activities After Party. It was amazing to see them rock out on stage and balance their vulnerability with a fantastic stage presence. If you were not able to catch Gable price and Friends on stage at After Party, go check them out wherever you find your music, I promise you wont regret it. It would be good to brush up on their music since you may see them again sometime in the future.


Written by Jordan Hassler

Jordan is a Sophomore studying Event Planning with a Biblical Studies minor. He enjoys expressing his creativity through words, and sharing his experiences and personality by way of writing. He’s passionate about music, nature, and forming genuine connections with others.

After Party: Serve Lynchburg

April 21, 2022

Uncertainty and chaos are everywhere we turn today.  When you look at the news it can feel both overwhelming and shocking and you are left to wonder if peace will ever reign. God, however, is never surprised with chaos.

When Paul wrote Colossians 3:15 to the church of Colossae, He wanted the church to discover peace through the Lordship of Christ, but they needed to first experience the inward transformation before they could know true peace.

What kind of peace? The peace of the gospel – the good news that Jesus saves and frees sinners. That’s who Jesus is and what He does. He brings calm, assurance, and reconciliation. He does that through service and through the ultimate sacrifice of His life.

Mark 10:45 says, “For even the Son of Man came not be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

You see, service that is rooted in sacrifice creates opportunity for reconciliation and peace, and service is the bridge for bringing that peace.  Both service unto the Lord and towards those around you, has no defined shape and can be seen and expressed in many different forms.  But one thing is certain, it should always be characterized by love, sacrifice, hope, and peace.

At LU Serve, we lead and train students to volunteer and speak His peace and reconciliation through service and outreach.  LU Serve is predominantly known for the CSER program, and rightly so as students serve over 500,000 hours each year through the CSER program to bless communities and organizations around the U.S. and the world.

Whether service on group trips, individual experiences around the U.S. and the World, or through the Serve Now program, LU Serve helps students seek to bring peace through loving our communities, in both word and deed.

One of the biggest ways that we do this locally each year is through this one-day effort called Serve Lynchburg. Serve Lynchburg is an annual event in which Liberty University students, faculty, staff, and Lynchburg residents join together with community partners to meet local community needs.

On April 23rd, students will serve alongside 75 organizations in the Lynchburg community.  This is a day Liberty University gets to invest the greatest asset it possesses, the Liberty University students.

This will be the 5th annual Serve Lynchburg with the inaugural year being 2017. Each time LU Serve leads out on this event, we get to link arms with many departments across Liberty University to maximize impact on the students that serve and the organizations we work alongside. This event cannot happen without Liberty as a whole coming together.

From 10:30 am to 2:30 pm on April 23rd all around the greater Lynchburg area, you might find a Liberty student planting flowers at a local elementary school, stocking a warehouse for a humanitarian organization, singing to elderly people at a nursing home, mulching a playground, or playing with some youth.  No matter what you see being done, all of it is making an impact and serving the needs of the organizations.

Many of these organizations rely heavily on volunteers throughout the year to move the needle for their organization.  But on a day like Serve Lynchburg, this needle moves much farther along and they can feel the impact and influence!

To top it all off, Serve Lynchburg is partnering with Student Activities and our collaboration has created what we are calling “After Party”, which is the end of year equivalent to the Block Party event they put on at the start of the year.

We look forward to having the biggest party of the year and celebrating the work of Serve Lynchburg together!


Written by: Steven Gillum – Director of LU Serve

After Party

April 19, 2022

So, I am going to start with the bad news about ending another year at college. The upperclassmen know this, but some of you are about to find this out the hard way. The last year was pretty special. You put in hard work, had great friends, dozens of late nights, and it was good. The hall that you lived on is one you’ll never forget, and your classes will end up being your all-time favorites. But in a few weeks, you’ll go home for summer break and return in the fall. Now, everything will still be here when you get back, but it’ll be a little different. Chick-fil-A will still taste the same, but the familiar smile you’ve come to know, handing you an 8-piece chicken nugget meal on your weekly Tuesday Chick-fil-A lunch will be different. The sophomore you pass every Wednesday in between lab and your 3:00 class, who you don’t know, but over 4 months have built a silent agreement to awkwardly nod every time you pass each other, won’t be there. Even the people you sit next to while watching Sony’s much anticipated Morbius are going to change. So, I’ll say it again, the last year was pretty special.

We’re at that time of year where everyone is buckling down and putting in every last minute into studying for finals. Or maybe you’re more focused on lining up a last-minute internship for the summer. Preparing for adult life is daunting, so it’s easy to forget about your last few weeks on campus.

As someone who has been in your shoes before, I beg you to take these last few weeks seriously. Work hard, study has much as you can, but take a few hours, and let yourself enjoy the precious and special time you have left before summer. Do one more cookout run, host a late-night worship session on the lawn, or go see the film everyone is talking about, Morbius. A movie that critics are calling “somehow the worst movie I’ve ever seen, but not the worst Jared Leto movie I’ve ever seen”.

Or you could simply join us, we are hosting a massive end of the year event in the LaHaye Parking lot, on April 23rd at 5pm. We’ll have carnival rides, food trucks, other departments, live music, ice skating, a DJ, and Gable Price & Friends. The event is called After Party, it is our way of saying thank you for another outstanding year. Student Activities has had such an amazing time reintroducing Coffeehouse, Block Party, Open Mic Nights, Chris Renzema, and more. But we are ending the year with After Party.

The event is going to take place in partnership with “Serve Lynchburg” and all who serve will receive free food at any of our food trucks. Also, seniors look for an email inviting you to come and pick up an exclusive After Party pullover (while supplies last).

This event would not be possible without the help of our premiere sponsors, Coca-Cola, Rookie’s, Domino’s, 90.9 The Light, and Your Event Source. They have come alongside to help us create an event worthy of the name After Party.

So come and let loose. Bring your hall, your friends, a professor or two… we don’t care. We know this last year has been a return to normalcy that was needed by everyone, so let’s end it right. Sure, you could spend Saturday night playing Elden Ring, or throwing back a bucket of popcorn while watching Jared Leto’s Morbius, a film Michael Keaton called “why am I in this?”… but don’t do that. Hang out with us instead. We’ll have cookie sandwiches and mechanical swings.


Written by: Cort Comfort – Director of Student Activities

Storytime: Coffeehouse

April 14, 2022

Coffeehouse is such a special event for so many reasons, and I think it is so cool that Liberty does something like this for their students. I don’t know of any other schools that have something like Coffeehouse. It’s just a time for students to relax and enjoy musical acts, games, and fun videos all done by their peers! It’s something that I hope we as Liberty students do not take for granted. It’s a night where we can laugh, cry, sing, dance, and just have an all around good time. Attending Coffeehouse is a definite staple to attending Liberty University. 

My favorite memory at Coffeehouse was actually my first-time attending Coffeehouse, my first semester here. My friends and I were very late to the party and planned very last minute because my one friend had won a table and was able to invite five of her friends to join. So, we made it a very special night. I remember walking down to the floor getting to the table. All the snacks were there, all the people around us were really dressed up, and it was starting to be a fun time before the show had even begun. We got settled in and ready for the show and to see people I knew showing off their talent on the stage was so special! It was so fun to see the show go on and to think of all the hard work that was behind it. Now that I work for Student Activities, that makes it extra special because we do put lots of effort into the show and want it to be the best for students to have a good time. 

One thing I specifically remember was watching all the videos, those were my favorite part of Coffeehouse. They give students the ability not only to show off their videography skills or their acting skills, but most importantly (in my opinion) their comedy skills. A lot of people at Coffeehouse want to laugh and the videos are a way for them to laugh at some inside jokes that only Liberty students would understand. I think that’s one of the best things Coffeehouse offers, instead of having professionals come in and put the show on, we get to watch people we know or see around campus give us something to laugh at. Coffeehouse gives students the platform to show off their skills and that makes it an extra special event. This Coffeehouse my sister (who was a senior when I was a freshman) was in a video and I remember being so proud of her and thinking it was so cool to see her on the big screen in Vines! It was so special watching people laugh and enjoy something she was a part of creating. I was a proud little brother, definitely a night I won’t forget. 

Coffeehouse is so special for so many reasons and I will have those memories from that night for years to come. It’s so unique compared to other events because it’s done by the students for the students. Being a part of the Coffeehouse stage is a tradition like no other and I am so proud to be a part of it now that I am working for Student Activities. So, I highly recommend next time Coffeehouse rolls around grabbing your best friends and going to Coffeehouse not only supporting your peers, but also just enjoying the night! It’s something that you’ll remember and be grateful you attended!


Written by: Trey Voggenreiter

Trey is a junior majoring in theology desiring to go into vocational ministry. He has a heart for camp ministry and would like to work full time at a camp one day! Student Activities has given him the opportunity to work hands on in serving those around him and being able to be a light to those he interacts with at events.