Shannon Bream Testimonial

You know, I went to a Christian high school and the Sounds of Liberty actually came to our school on one of their tours. And they came and sang and I heard about this amazing place that was a real university that wasn’t just a Bible school; it had that component to it.

And once I saw Liberty, there was no other place for me because I knew that it was a place that would feed my faith, but would also give me a chance to study and to grow and get a great education. And that business degree has taught me so much and given me so much of the foundation for everything else that I do and I understand about how our economy works, and I’m really grateful for that.

This place is not the same place as when I was here, because we did not have these buildings, and these dorms, and these programs and all of the beautiful things that are here. And Dr. Falwell was here when I was on campus, and would talk about his vision for all those things, and it seemed so big and so unbelievable but he clearly believed it and God had shown him what this place would be.

And I think all the time about whether he sees the progress and the beautiful things that are happening here on campus. But I know and I think about the 50 years ahead that he would never want it to be about buildings or sports programs or anything else if we lose the focus, which is to glorify God and leave here to share the Gospel.

So while I hope all of our technology and our programs and our reach expands, the one thing I hope does not ever change is the mission and commitment of the school.

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