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We are Unstoppable

October 1, 2013

If you haven’t already realized, when Liberty does something, our motto is “Go big or Go home.” After being at Liberty University for a few years it’s definitely true. Whether it’s building 20 new buildings at one time, bringing in top speakers, or putting the letters LU on the side of the mountain… We go all out! This past year Liberty partnered with Kirk Cameron and released the movie Unstoppable. One of the perks of being a Liberty student is that we got to go to the movie premiere in the Vines center for FREE (no big deal)!

Here’s the movie trailer explaining why Kirk Cameron had the idea to create this movie:


After seeing this movie now, I definitely recomened it for not only people going through huge storms in their loves but to anyone. At one point or another in a person’s life we will ask “why God?” and Kirk Cameron does a great job at talking about this issue. The movie was shown in over 700 theaters in the country and due to the popularity is being shown again on October 3rd! I would recommend that you head out and see it! Don’t forget to bring a pack of tissues… 

With my roommates and the FREE popcorn they gave us! 
Short video of where I was sitting at the Premiere