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Don Davis

November 4, 2011

On Tuesday evening, two-time Super Bowl champion Don Davis came to speak to students in the Club Level at the Williams Stadium, which was packed out. Don Davis went to the Super Bowl with the New England Patriots three times and walked away twice with Super Bowl Rings (which he had on display). Not only has he played for the Patriots but he played for: the New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the St. Louis Rams. Not only has he been successful in his football career but his walk with Christ has influenced other NFL players.

Don Davis spoke to us about his life and how God really got a hold of him when he began to play professional football. His coach, Tony Dungy played a huge part in it by living out his faith and not just talking about it. One thing he said that stuck out to me was “Don’t trade away future blessings for temporary pleasures.” At the end of his talk, he opened it up for questions. People asked questions like “ How have you been able to impact Tom Brady’s life,” or “ Are you married now?” He was very open about anything and never turned a question down. I am so thankful to be at a school that brings in speakers from every walk of life who share the gospel wherever they go by how they live their lives.

(Photos by Joel Coleman)