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Celebrity of Liberty: Sarah Kinas

October 18, 2011

If you’ve ever watched Convocation, you have probably wondered, “Who is that girl singing in the Campus Praise Band with an angelic voice?” This week for my “Celebrities of Liberty” series I am highlighting Sarah Kinas. Sarah is currently a senior and is going to be graduating this December. She has been a part of the Liberty Campus Praise Band since her sophomore year.

(Photo courtesy of Liberty University)

Sarah was born in Germany and moved around a lot when she was a kid. When she was 8 her family finally settled down in Northern Virginia outside of Washington, DC. She has an older and a younger brother and they are all very close in age. Her younger brother is actually a freshman at Liberty. She went to private school until third grade and then was homeschooled until high school, when she went to a public school. When she came to Liberty it was very different than being in a secular environment all the time. She had to adjust to being able to have spiritual conversations all the time but she loved it.

Sarah decided to come to Liberty after she heard recording artist Meredith Andrews lead worship at a High School camp she went to. For the first time she realized that she could be a worship leader even though she was a woman. She came to Liberty primarily because she wanted to be on the Campus Praise Band but also because they had a good graphic design program. I was shocked when she told me that she was a graphic design major with a minor in Psychology. Sarah explained that if she wants to be a singer/songwriter, graphic design is a great side job to have because she can do it on her own time as long as she meets her deadlines. If she ever wants to go into church ministry she would be more valuable having both graphic design and worship knowledge. 

Campus Praise Band is a ministry team at Liberty that plays at Convocation three times a week, Wednesday night at Campus Church and Sunday evening at the TR 6:30 Church service. They are constantly in the spotlight and are recognized all over campus. Sarah told me a few stories about how random strangers will come up to her and ask really weird questions. After a few years of being on the Campus Praise Band she is getting used to people recognizing her.

(Photo courtesy of Liberty University)

In her free time she really enjoys: walks in the woods, riding her bike, creating things, painting a picture and creating songs. Like a majority of people at Liberty, one of her favorite places to be in Lynchburg is downtown. She thinks it is really fun to explore and see the empty buildings. The way that she balances everything is by making sure that she is intentional about spending time with her friends, even if that means including them in her work. One surprising thing she told me is that she is actually an introvert. She says that she is definitely a people person but she values the time she has to herself when she goes home at night. Living off campus is a way for her to refuel at the end of a long day!

Since Sarah is going to be graduating this December that will mean she will no longer be singing on the Campus Praise Band. I know a lot of Liberty students will be sad to see her go but she definitely has a future as a singer/songwriter. She is sad to be leaving Liberty but she knows that this season in her life is now over and she has to begin moving on. She told me that Liberty has been a way to deepen her knowledge about Christ and she has truly developed a close relationship with Him being here. Her plans after graduation are to be a graphic designer and then in her free time be a singer. Being a graphic designer will give her very flexible hours as she continues to be a singer. I will most definitely miss hearing her voice 5 times a week, but I look forward to hearing her music in the future!

Here is a video of Liberty's Campus Praise band!