College For A Weekend - FAQs

Q: What will my student’s experience be like? Will they be assigned to a current student for the weekend, or follow a schedule of events?

At CFAW, our goal is to give visitors a sense of what it’s like to be a Liberty student! Though they are not assigned to a specific current student, they will be given a detailed schedule for the whole weekend and have access to admissions and financial aid sessions, classes, academic events, athletic games, and many other student activities. Required and recommended events for CFAW guests are noted in the schedule as well as at CFAW 101 on Thursday night.

Q: I loved CFAW so much that I want to come to another one!  Can I?

Although we only allow students to attend ONE CFAW event, we would love to have you return to our beautiful campus again.  Feel free to sign up for a Friendly Friday, My Liberty Monday or a daily tour.

Q: I would like to stay with a Liberty student who is studying what I'm interested in studying.  Can this be arranged?

We are unable to guarantee you will room with a student who is studying what you would like to study however, we can guarantee you will meet many students and professors in your area of interest when you attend classes on Friday.  Introduce yourself and feel free to ask them questions.  There are also several additional opportunities to meet professors and students during Getting To Know Liberty on Thursday evening as well as your Academic Open Houses on Friday.

Q: I want to go to the CFAW Concert.  How do I purchase tickets?

 Simply go to the Student Activities webpage and go to the tickets tab.  CFAW student are able to use a Promo Code to purchase tickets at a discounted rate.  If you don't know the Promo Code, check out the Concert Details. If you have any further questions make sure to give us a call at 1-800-543-5317, and we can help you out! 

Q: I would like to see if there is anyone else in my area planning to attend CFAW so we can carpool.  Do you have a way of helping guests meet each other before the event?

Yes, we do!  Check out our Facebook page, and let other students know you'd like to carpool. 

Q: I have already paid my confirmation deposit to attend Liberty. Can I come to CFAW at a discounted cost?

A: Yes, if you have applied to Liberty and paid your $250 confirmation deposit, you may attend ONE CFAW at a special rate.

  • For the November 2016 and February 2017 CFAW events, you are able to attend ONE event at a discount of $25.00 as opposed to the regular fee of $75.00.

You will still need to register for CFAW. When you register, instead of paying the registration fee, you will be prompted to enter your student ID number which will verify your confirmation deposit. If you are riding a Liberty Sponsored bus, you will need to pay $100 to ride the bus, but your registration fee is waived.

Q: I have a friend or sibling who is a student at Liberty and I plan to stay with them during CFAW. Do I still need to register or can I just show up and stay in their room?

A: You will still need to register. Your friend or sibling must request that you stay in their room through their Resident Assistant (RA). When you check-in, the housing department will make sure you are placed in the right room. We must have you register and check-in so if there is an emergency, we know how to contact you. If you do not register and check-in, you will not be able to get your meals, concert and game tickets for free.

Q: I would like to meet with a specific faculty member or coach. Is this possible and if so, how do I do this?

A: You are more than welcome to meet with faculty and coaches while you are visiting Liberty. Practically every department will be represented at the "Getting To Know Liberty" event. You may want to talk with someone during that time. If you desire a more personal opportunity to meet, you may contact faculty and coaches directly. Most coaches and faculty members have contact information listed on our website. You can search for contact information and make an appointment to meet with them.  You will also have the opportunity to meet professors between classes as well as during your Open House Session on Friday.

Q: I am flying into Lynchburg on Thursday afternoon. Should I take a taxi to the university?

A: No, a shuttle service will be provided to and from the school to the Lynchburg airport, bus and train stations for students who let our office know ahead of time. The shuttle service is only provided for Lynchburg pick-ups. We monitor all arrival times and have shuttles waiting for CFAW guests outside the arrival area. Please look for a Liberty bus and driver in a red Liberty shirt.  If you do not see a shuttle upon arrival call the Visitors Center to confirm a shuttle is on its way.  Please contact the Visitors Center in advance at (434) 582-2064 to schedule a pick up time. 

Q: I have heard that Liberty will reimburse me for my travel expenses, is this true?

A: Yes! If you travel via train, plane or bus (i.e. public transportation) to Lynchburg, VA to get to CFAW and then you come to Liberty as a student, we will reimburse your fare up to $750. You must show us your receipt and travel itinerary. This credit will show up on your student account during your first semester as a student at Liberty. Once you arrive on campus as a current Liberty student, contact the Student Advocate Office for more information on what you need to do in order to receive this credit. (Please note: this is only valid on transportation that brings you directly to Lynchburg. Travel to Roanoke, Richmond or other areas are not included.)

Q: I have a food allergy or intolerance.  Is there food in the dining hall I can eat?

A: Absolutely! Our dining facility is fantastic and has a full time registered dietician on staff.  She takes care of helping our students find the best options for their individual needs.  Food in our dining hall is labeled and more information is available at check-in. 


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