Honors and National Merit Scholarships

Liberty University offers a limited number of scholarships to students who are accepted into our Honors Program and who meet certain eligibility requirements, and preference is given to those who apply early. Applications are reviewed on the first day of each month beginning February 1st. Applications will not be considered unless postmarked by April 1st.

Minimum requirements to apply to the Honors Program are as follows:

  • Minimum score of 1270 SAT or 29 ACT
  • Minimum 3.50 GPA
  • 4-5 page expository essay
  • Three letters of recommendation

For more details on the application process and requirements, visit the Honors Program webpage.

To receive the National Merit scholarship, students must present their National Merit certificate and participate in the Honors Program. Additionally, to be considered for an Honors or National Merit scholarship, students must first submit their FAFSA. Below is a breakdown of the respective scholarships:

  Honors Program (Resident)
  High school students, transfers, and Liberty University students
  Award: $4,000 yearly for up to four years

National Merit:
Commended Award: full tuition up to four years
Semi-Finalists Award: full tuition up to four years
Finalists: full tuition, room & board up to four years