As Low As $35

As an added safety precaution, all Winterfest guests will be expected to follow Liberty University’s clear bag policy for events in the Vines Center.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the $10 per person Non-Refundable Deposit used for?

Your $10 per person non-refundable deposit secures the registrations for your group. 50% of the balance will be due by October 19th and the remaining balance will be due by November 16th. All VIP Tickets must be paid in full at time of purchase.

A Group is defined as 10 people or more. 

Once your order is finalized and paid in full, there are no refunds or exchanges. Taxes and fees are not included in the price.

If your account is not paid in full by November 16, 2017 your order will not be mailed until final payment is received and may be subject to cancellation.

What if my group registers, then decides to add people?

To add people before Winterfest is sold out, please call (866) 447-2084

What are the ages for Winterfest?

While the program is geared towards grades 6 through college, everyone is welcome. Each year families, Youth Groups, Church Groups, and people of all ages choose to ring in the New year at Winterfest! Anyone over the age of 5 will require a ticket. 

Is there a Dress Code for Winterfest?

Leaders, Chaperones and Parents: We need your help in enforcing this policy! Modesty is the key word.

Regarding swimming: Girls must wear a one piece bathing suit in the swimming pool or a dark colored t-shirt over a two piece bathing suit.

Do you allow other groups to hand out literature?

Literature distribution is only permitted from official booths located in the booth area, regardless of the type of literature. Please understand that this rule will be strictly enforced.

Where will the meals be served?

Reber-Thomas Dining Hall Hours
Lunch: $10 Dinner: $11

Click here to purchase meal plan

December 30th - 4-6 P.M.  
December 31st - 11 A.M.-1:30P.M. & 4-6 P.M.

Other food options are available at the Liberty University Bookstore and at the Vines Center Starting at 5pm on both days

Take a virtual tour of the dining hall.

What type of security will be in place at Winterfest?

LUPD will have staff both outside and inside of the Vines Center. Winterfest enforces a strict clear bag policy. If anything of concern is noted a person should call LUPD Dispatch at 434-592-7641. 

Is the price for Winterfest the same for youth workers and students?

Yes, however we offer a promotional discount for youth leaders, please call 1-866-447-2084 with any questions.

Where can I get promotional material?

All promotional material can be found under the Information tab in the section titled "share". You can download posters or fliers and then print what you need.

Are there any provisions for the handicapped?

There are special sections in the Vines Center for those in wheel chairs. We will allow you into the building 5 minutes before the doors open. Only the person in the wheel chair and one other person will be allowed in early. Please let someone at the ticket office know, at time of purchase, that you will need this provision.

For the hearing impaired, please contact Winterfest 30 days in advance so we can have adequate time to provide an interpreter.

How will I get my tickets?

Tickets purchased before December 8th will be shipped and arrive before Christmas. Tickets purchased after December 8th will be held at the Vines Center Ticket Office for pick-up, Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm. Please bring a photo ID to pick up your tickets.

Will the ticket price be refunded if my group cannot attend?

Liberty University Ticket policy explicitly prohibits refunds.  Consistent with this policy and the industry standard, Winterfest will not issue refunds or exchanges to groups or individuals regardless of circumstance.

What is the registration process?

To register you must call (866) 447-2084 or purchase tickets online.

Rooms on campus

Residence Hall rooms on Liberty’s campus are not available during Winterfest. All lodging must be booked through area hotels.

Are small children of adult leaders allowed at Winterfest?

Small children of adult leaders are allowed at Winterfest. Children 5 and over are the regular price and are counted in total number of registrations. We do not have any activities for children and we do not provide childcare.

Can I smoke at Winterfest?

No, the Liberty University campus is a smoke-free environment. Therefore, smoking must be restricted to off campus.

Can I take pictures at Winterfest?

Regular cameras are permitted at Winterfest. However, any professional camera equipment (including tripods, cameras with removable lenses, etc.) is not. Photos must be taken from where you will be standing/sitting during the special passes will be issued. Also, video-taping of an entire performance is prohibited. This policy agreed upon by Winterfest and the performing artist to protect the artists' rights. Thank you for your cooperation.

Special note: Photographers will be on site to photograph Winterfest. Many of these photographs will be used in the future for promotional purposes. By attending Winterfest, you are giving up any rights you might have with regard to these photos and will be deemed as having given permission for their use.

What does the ticket price include?

All event tickets include activities such as Skiing, Snowboarding, Tubing, Indoor Soccer, Ice Skating, Rock Climbing, Swimming, Basketball, Exclusive Student Sessions, Youth Pastor session, and Liberty Presents: Artist Q&A!!

Individual Tickets include the concerts only.

Where do I mail the check for my order?

Please make all checks payable to Liberty University.

Please indicate on the check that the payment is for Winterfest.

Please mail check directly to the Liberty Ticket Office at the following address:

Liberty University Ticket Office

1971 University Blvd – Vines Center Lynchburg, VA 24515

Please contact (866) 447-2084 with any questions.

Where can I purchase Winterfest merchandise?

Official Winterfest merchandise can be purchased in the Vines Center.

Sweatshirt: $TBD
T-Shirt: $TBD
Beanies: $TBD

Why do I have to wear my wristband all the time, and what if I lose my wristband?

By wearing these wristbands at all times during Winterfest, you are showing that you have registered properly. Please keep them in a safe place and remember to bring them with you. There will be a replacement fee if you lose or forget your wristbands while on site. Please treat these wristbands with special care as the wear and tear of festival life can be hard on them.

Cancellation Policy

All ticket sales are final, and there are no refunds for any event tickets.