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Block Party, Prayer, and Pulling Weeds

Kaitlyn Schiess | Sep 03, 2015

For the first weekend of the semester, this weekend was LONG. (And super fun!) Saturday was jam-packed FULL of ... Read More

Pancakes and a Perfect View

Kaitlyn Schiess | Aug 31, 2015

Fall classes are in full swing, and summer is starting to seem like a million miles away. People are already complaining ... Read More

A Summer in Snapshots

Kaitlyn Schiess | Aug 26, 2015

Hello everyone! I can’t believe it’s already the start of my SENIOR YEAR at Liberty! The past three ... Read More

Coming to a Close

Meredith Boyce | Jun 01, 2015

The end of the year is always so bittersweet. Bitter because you have to pack, clean, and say goodbye to friends ... Read More