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Is Busy Your Best?

November 2, 2018

Is Busy Your Best? 3 Ways to Slow Down Your Life

You know that satisfied (but slightly panicked) feeling you get when you’re wading through the pile of relatives in your grandmother’s kitchen on Thanksgiving Day and your heaping paper plate of turkey and trimmings starts bending in the middle because it’s a little too full and you begin to wonder if maybe you should’ve put your salad and roll on a separate dish?

Me too. ((Pro tip- double up your plates and your stuffing won’t seep through)).

Sometimes my life as a college student feels a lot like that plate- everything I’ve got going on is piled to the brim and I can barely make it through to the weekend. I’ve got a hefty helping of upper-level classes and work shifts, a tasty side of church and small group, a dash of volunteering here and there, a sprinkle of social events and Saturday afternoon adventures, and I continually find myself rolling from one thing to the next, wondering if I’m really able to enjoy any of it because I feel so stuffed by the end of each semester.

Busyness- it keeps life full and exciting, but sometimes it’s a little overwhelming. Can you relate?

As I head down the final stretch of my first semester of junior year ((gulp!)), I’m beginning to realize that being super-duper busy may not be my best, and that’s okay. Here are three ways I’ve lightened my load this semester to slow down my busyness! ((also PRAISE HANDS because it’s finally November and that means Thanksgiving and then Christmas!!!))

1. One Night Home is a MUST.

I love getting together with my friends during dinnertime, but since I’ve moved off campus I’ve discovered that I also love coming home to my apartment in the evenings. When I schedule get-togethers, I now leave at least one weeknight completely empty so that I can have a chill night to catch up on homework, listen to a podcast, or get some extra sleep! Also, some nights I’ll invite friends to my place for dinner, because who wants to pay for restaurant food anyway?

2. Airplane Mode is my BEST FRIEND.

When it’s time to get ready for bed, I set my phone on airplane mode. After all, who do I reallllly need to talk to when I’m trying to go to sleep?? ((For all of you rebels who say your phone is your alarm, newsflash- it still works in airplane mode!! Lifesaver.)) I usually turn it off at least 30 minutes before I actually shut my eyes. I also read a chapter of a book every night before I sleep, and it’s such a nice routine! 10/10 recommend.

3. Social Calendars aren’t lame, I PROMISE.

I use the Sticky Notes app on my computer to keep track of my plans. Because I’m a life group leader at my church, I try to get together with my girls several times a semester, so writing down my various coffee dates keeps me on track every week! I usually plan things out by the week instead of the month, but I’m considering moving to a two-week plan soon ((I’ll let you know how that goes!)). Of course, if I need to schedule an emergency meeting, I’ll move things around in a heartbeat, but having a scheduled plan has been such a lifesaver. Now I always know when I’m free!

Believe me, I know college is busy, but if your busy is leaving you overwhelmed and drained, it isn’t your best. Hopefully, these three tips will help you in your journey as a student, and remember, don’t be afraid to tell someone no if you simply can’t swing it!

See ya around campus soon,


Abby Brewer


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