Step 3: ASIST


After being accepted and submitting your $250 Confirmation Deposit, you can complete Financial Check-In (FCI) through your ASIST account. To complete FCI, please follow these instructions:

  • Go to > Student Login > ASIST > Student > Financial Check-In.
  • Following the instructions in ASIST, you will complete the following:
    • Vehicle Registration
    • Select Housing
    • Purchase Flames Cash
    • Review and verify Summary of Accounts and Financial Aid (scholarships, fees, and tuition costs)
    • Select payment plan
    • Make first payment

Next step: Attend

Questions about FCI?

  • Try these step by step FCI instructions.
  • View a video tutorial on how to complete Financial Check-In.
  • Still have questions? Call us at (800) 543-5317. For answers to questions about your account and financial aid, please call our Financial Aid Office at (888) 583-5704.
Please note:

Financial Check-In is the only step that officially reserves enrollment at Liberty University and includes selecting housing preferences, choosing a payment plan, and making the first payment or confirming a zero balance. Payments will be automatically drafted from a credit card or checking account. New students are required to complete Financial Check-In before registering for courses or reserving housing.