International Admissions FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q - Have I been accepted?

A - When you are accepted by Liberty University, an admissions packet is mailed to your (or your agent) with your admissions letter, I-20 form, and other important information.

Q - How long will it take before I know my admission decision?

A - The Office of International Admissions processes applications in the order they are received.  The time it takes to process an application depends on how many outstanding items remain.  Admission decisions are made immediately once all admission-related documents are received.  Acceptance packets are usually mailed out within 48 hours.

  • If you have a P.O. Box address it may take several weeks for the acceptance packet to reach you.
  • If you have a street address most packets within large cities can reach a student within days of mailing.

Q - Do I need the TOEFL score?

A - If the English language is not spoken in your country as a native language then the TOEFL is required. Please contact your admissions counselor if you have concerns about your English ability. You can enroll in the Liberty English Language Institute for a semester or more to improve your English and enroll in an undergraduate program upon completion. 

Q - Do you accept faxed documents?

A - Some documents can be faxed, but certain documents, including transcripts, must be originals.  Please check with your admissions counselor about sending faxed documents.

Q - How much scholarship will I get?

A - The scholarship that is awarded will be listed on your acceptance letter and I-20 form. Please see the Financial Aid page for more information.

Q - How can I get more scholarships?

A - Your International Admissions Counselor can help answer your questions about Financial Aid. However, it is important that a student have realistic expectations.  There are no full scholarships.  The average scholarship package is approximately $5,000.  Do not expect to receive additional scholarship after your arrival. Scholarships given on an I-20 are final.

Q - Can I have more than one sponsor?

A - Yes. Each sponsor must submit individual letters of support and bank verification of their ability to support you.

Q - Where is my I-20?

A - Your I-20 document is a part of the admissions packet that is mailed to you. The I-20 cannot be faxed or emailed. You must wait for the original document to arrive.

Q - How do I pay the SEVIS fee?

A - Please see our document on the SEVIS fee.

Q - What do I need for my visa appointment?

A - Please see our document on the Visa Application Process.

Q - Why can I not reach my Admissions Counselor?

A - The International Admissions Counselors in the Office of International Student Service receive hundreds of phone calls and emails each day. As the semester draws near, they are very busy. Here are several tips to make sure that you hear back:

  1. Leave a phone message that includes your FULL NAME, phone number (include country code), and question. If you do not leave a message on the voicemail, your counselor does not know that you have called.
  2. Send an email that includes your FULL NAME and question. Please use correct English punctuation and grammar to the best of your ability.
  3. Have patience. Please give your admissions counselor at least 48 hours (two full work days) to respond to your query.

Q - When is the application deadline?

A - Because the time needed for processing a visa application and making travel arrangements varies for each student, there is no definite application deadline. However, we recommend that you apply at least three months before the semester begins. You should allow enough time for your application to be processed and for you to schedule your F-1 visa interview.

Q - I have not taken the TOEFL. Can I apply for conditional admission?

A - Yes. Students who do not have TOEFL score or a score too low for regular admission can be admitted to Liberty University. They will be given an English assessment upon arrival and may be required to enroll for one or more semesters in the English Language Institute.