Ukrainian Scholarship

Fund the Future of Ukrainians Through the Liberty University Ukrainian Scholarship


Liberty University Fund for Ukraine’s Future

We are now well into Europe’s worst humanitarian and security crisis since World War II. Even if the war ends, this tragedy will continue. Those lucky to survive will require years to rebuild what’s left of their lives.

Since providing education is our mission, we have decided to help continue the education of Ukrainian young people. We’ll also provide whatever other urgent assistance is needed to make sure Ukraine’s next generation is prepared to rebuild their lives.

We hope to start by helping 1,000 young people.

If they speak English, we may be able to accommodate them in our own online schools. If not, we hope to work with our partners on the ground to get them back to school as quickly as possible, wherever possible. In the meantime, we’ll keep providing other emergency assistance.

We are calling this the “Liberty University Fund for Ukraine’s Future.” We will use whatever you give to help Ukraine’s next generation of leaders.

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