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“Going through counseling gave me a renewed peace, joy, and hope in my life. I struggled with a lot of anxiety and fear after being in natural disasters while living in South Asia. With counseling, I was able to work though traumatic events and memories in a safe and healthy way. I found freedom from panic attacks, anxiety, and nightmares that used to invade my life.”

“My counselor is my hero. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. Before coming to counseling, I was in a very bad place emotionally and mentally. I believed these struggles were something to deal with on my own and it really made matters worse. The counseling services at Liberty really opened my eyes to seeking out the help I desperately needed and aided in getting me to a much better emotional, mental, and spiritual place than when I first entered campus.”

“I think that the Student Counseling Services creates an environment where you feel welcomed. I think that there is already a stigma on counseling and it was beneficial to me to know that it was normalized and made me feel safe.”

“My counselor is amazing and I felt very comfortable to meet with her. She really understood my issues and helped me to analyze how to fix them. She met me on my level and spoke my language, it made it a very nice experience for me. I can see a difference in myself in the last session from the very first session I attended. I am very happy and proud of what my counselor has helped me do.”

“My counselor has done an incredible job of balancing what I need and what I feel. She has listened and strategically allowed my mind to think in a healthier, more truthful way. She is very trusting and genuine and excels at what she does. She combines my own personal life and feelings with the Truth. She has helped restructure the way I think and view my circumstances to be more accurate and beneficial. She has taken the time to meet my needs and help me slow down. Her patience and joy has had an unforgettable impact on my life.”