Center4ME Multicultural Advisory Board


The Liberty University Multicultural Advisory Board (MAB) serves as a vehicle for alumni to support multicultural programs and minority students at Liberty, by offering assistance to raise awareness for services and programs provided by the Center for Multicultural Enrichment (Center for ME).

The Center4ME, established in 1992, provides advocacy for students of color, as well as celebrates cultural diversity across campus.

MAB Board Membership

The board is made up of dedicated professional supporters who commit their energies to aid the Center4ME by promoting unity and celebrating diversity. In consultation with the Vice President of Student Affairs and Director of the Center4ME, board members assist in projects that enhance the quality of student life for, not only culturally-diverse students, but the entire student body.

What We Do

Potential projects include, but are not limited to; Minority Leadership Programs, Multicultural Lecturer/Symposium Series, and Global Networking Initiative. The MAB plays an integral part in ensuring a bright and promising future for all Liberty students.

Benefits for Members

As members of the board, you will receive many honorary benefits such as; visiting with President Jerry Falwell, Jr., holding an active position in Homecoming events, and receipt of honorary invitations for various special department events.

The greatest benefit of supporting your alma mater with the MAB is the reward of positively impacting students who, just like you, struggle with multicultural barriers. By becoming an active member of the board you can play an integral role in unifying Liberty’s campus and improving the lives of a diverse student body. Be a part of something life-changing; join the Center4ME as a MAB member.

Dear Alumni,

Greetings from the Center for Multicultural Enrichment (Center4ME) where our purpose is to provide information and advocacy for students from various ethnic backgrounds through programs and services that promote unity and celebrate cultural diversity at Liberty University and in Central Virginia.

I would like to extend to you a wonderful opportunity for you to stay connected with Liberty University’s campus community by becoming a member of the Multicultural Advisory Board (MAB). Dr. Falwell loved alumni and he was passionate about the concept of the "Liberty family"; thus, we should make a concerted effort to stay connected.

Consider this; would your Liberty experience have been better if there was a stronger presence of successful, minority alumni? Personally, I would have had a more positive experience knowing that vested individuals were giving back to the university and involved in my Liberty experience. The MAB provides that opportunity, and is beneficial to you, as alumni, and current students.

Please see below for a complete overview of the MAB. After reviewing it, prayerfully consider your participation. I would love to answer any questions and/or talk further about your interest in being a part of this board. Feel free to call me at 434.592.4914 or email me.


Director, Center For Multicultural Enrichment


• Commit to the future of Liberty by serving a two-year term with consecutive terms invitation
• Develop a working knowledge of the university and the Center4ME, Serving as an ambassador to alumni, friends and prospective students
• Develop and support initiatives to benefit students
• Coordinate selection process for the annual Dr. Allen McFarland Award of Excellence
• Attend at least one of the two annual board meetings.

MAB Committees

Student Initiatives Committee

The MAB serves as a think-tank for initiatives that would be beneficial to students. As a member of this committee, you will develop ideas for initiatives and guide in the efforts to turn these ideas into a reality.

Dr. Allen McFarland Award of Excellence Committee

This committee is responsible for bestowing a minority alumnus with this annual honorary award who best demonstrates excellence in leadership, integrity, and service. The award is named for Dr. Allen McFarland; who courageously exemplifies Biblical integrity, professionalism, spiritual leadership, and service to his family, church and community.

Identification of Prospects Committee

Committee members assist the university in identifying individuals and companies who could assist in moving priority projects forward. These contributions (time, support, financial assistance, etc…) support institutional change, not only among minority students, but the community as well.

Campus Involvement Committee

Committee is responsible for Developing events/activities that allow Board Members to be an active part of the campus community:

  1. Informal Mentoring/Role Modeling
  2. Special Speakers
  3. Internship/Co-op/Networking

Programs/services offered

  • LEAD Fellowship
  • Connections Weekly
  • Cultural Competency
  • Multicultural Resource Room
  • President’s Council
  • Achievement Awards
  • Convocation Speaker Luncheons

Become a part of something life-changing, join the MAB or make a contribution to C4ME today.