Leader's Training Course (LTC)

LTC is an exhilarating 28-day experience meant to give you the best leadership development in the world.  It takes place during the summer in Fort Knox, Kentucky.  Specifically, the course is designed for people like you--highly charged individuals with two years of college remaining, whether undergrad or grad.  It is an accelerated version of the two years of leadership development the Army ROTC Cadets receive on campus.  Ultimately, the skills you gain will qualify you for enrollment in the Advanced Army ROTC and put you on the right path to becoming an Army Active Duty or Army Reserve Officer.  LTC will help you maximize your potential as a person—physically, mentally and emotionally. 

LTC is broken into four phases:

SOLDIER FIRST PHASE:  This is where you will get immersed in the ways of the Army.   There will be physical training, drills and ceremonies to prepare you for the upcoming weeks.  You will also spend time working together as a team to overcome obstacles in simulated tactical situation.

WARRIOR LEADER PHASE:  Prepare for adventure.   You will build on the basics of the first phase by participating in such activities as combat water survival, rappelling, land navigation and marksmanship. 

BOLD LEADER PHASE:  Time to lead.  You will be given exercises in which you are expected to lead your squad in every part of a mission—from receiving orders and analyzing the terrain to making a plan and attaining the objective. 

FUTURE LEADER PHASE:  The finale.  Receive guidance from your LTC instructors to gather a sense of your accomplishments over the past few weeks; then organize and take part in your Family Day, graduation and awards ceremonies.