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Camp FAQs

Our staff accompanies the campers everywhere all day long, so you can be sure that your child is safe and having more fun learning to ski and snowboard in June and July than you ever imagined. We all love to ski and snowboard here at LMSC, and this summer we would love the opportunity to share that with your child! 

Q. What is your Refund Policy?
A. We are willing to refund the full amount less the deposit up to two weeks before the start of camp. The deposit is non-refundable with no exceptions.

Q. Where do the campers stay? 
A. We stay on the beautiful 7,000+ acre campus of Liberty University and, more specifically, in the East Campus dorm facilities located there. 

Q. Is food provided and, if so, what can they expect to eat? 
A. Liberty University treats us well and allows us to dine at their dining hall. The Reber-Thomas Food Court offers an array of dining genres for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The cost for food is included in the camp price. However, we do recommend that campers bring snacks for the hours between meals (each dorm suite comes with a cabinet space, and a refrigator with a freezer). Also, if your camper has a specific food allergy, preference, or sensitivity we need to know about please email us at summercamps@liberty.edu

Q. Can parents stay on the dorms with their child? 
A. We do not allow parents to stay with their children on the dorm facilities.

Q. Drop-off and pick-up time for Overnight Camps? 
A. Overnight Campers must arrive at camp from 2PM - 4PM on Sunday for check-in. They must be picked up between 10AM - NOON Friday.

Q. Drop-off and pick-up time for Day Camps?
A. Day Campers are to be dropped off anytime after 8:00AM and picked up by 6:00PM. 

Q. Are afternoon activities mandatory? 
A. Afternoon activities are not mandatory. However, if a camper does not wish to attend one then he/she must stay on the dorm hall under the supervision of camp staff. Naptime is considered an afternoon activity. 

Q. Is there a minimum age for the Overnight Camp? 
A. No, there is no official minimum age for our overnight camp. We're happy to accommodate many age groups and skill levels. The general rule of thumb is to consider if your child would require more supervision than other children or you are concerned about his/her skill level. If this is a concern, LMSC does offer day camps as well. 

Q. Is there a maximum age for Overnight Camp?
A. Yes, a camper cannot be over the age of 21. 

Q. How many campers can a room accommodate? 
A. Each room accommodates up to 3 campers. Don't sweat it if you can't get all your friends in the same room - they'll most likely be next door. The rooms are apartment style and very convenient for hanging out with all your buddies.

Did we miss something? Please email us your questions!