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When & Where

The process has already begun and will continue until every Lynchburg apartment complex is included. 


All School of Divinity students are welcome to take part in this ministry

Our Dream 

  • We have a dream that one day every Apartment Community in Central Virginia has a missionary team that is showing and sharing Christ.
  • We have a dream that one day churches in Central Virginia are working together to knit a strong gospel net where members are mobilized for ministry and mission.
  • We have a dream that one day Apartment Communities are places that become flags raised for the Kingdom of Jesus and the enemy is pushed back.

Apartment Ministry is committed to showing and sharing Christ with our neighbors! 

Principles we follow:

  • Incarnational MinistryOn site with insight- “We are in the community to win the community.”
  • Relational Ministry“Building bridges to move from acquaintance to friend.”
  • Missional Ministry“We are there to show and share the gospel of Christ.” 


  1. Involve as many students as possible in living incarnational, relational, and missional.
  2. Eventually have 20-25 Apartment Complexes where our students live and minister.
  3. Eventually have 20-25 local churches investing in our students and in the apartment community (even to the point of subsidizing the rent) like a ministry house.
  4. Eventually create a “Gospel Net” where churches and divinity students are working together to reach Central Virginia with the gospel.