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Search Tips

Paying for school can be a challenge! We understand. We have compiled a brief list of search tips to help you to get started on your way to a successful scholarship search. Want more? Come to our Scholarship Search 101.


What is unique about you? Compile a list of characteristics about you and your family. Be sure to include some of your hobbies and talents. Have you ever had an embarrassing situation happen to you? Do you like to make people laugh? There is even a scholarship for this, check out the Make Me Laugh Scholarship! Pretty cool, eh?

Pull out your thesaurus. Instead of searching for "Wool Scholarships," pull our your handy-dandy Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus and substitute the word "scholarship" with synonyms (such as fund, foundation, society).

Take A Look Around

What's in your fridge? What's in your closet? There are brand names everywhere. These companies have scholarships. Next time you take a sip of your favorite soda, check to see if they offer a scholarship.

Community outreach. Are you from a small town? Great! Check out your local Elk Lodge, Community Library or Women's groups. The possibilities are endless.

Be Professional

You've got a resume, right? Now that you're in college, it's time for you to sharpen your professional portfolio with a great looking resume. Visit Liberty's Career Center for free Resume Workshops!

Build relationships. Any solid student will have at least three references that they can entrust to give good feedback to potential scholarship donors. Mentors, pastors, and professors are a good place to start.

Get Started

Google it, Bing it, Yahoo! it. You've got this great tool at your fingertips, so use it! Take your list of characteristics (we like to call them personal identifiers) and combine them with your list of scholarship synonyms. When you utilize the internet to help you search for scholarships, the possibilities are endless, literally.

Write it Out. You better whip out your lined paper and pink erasers, because it's time to write support letters! Asking for prayer and financial help via support letters has been a huge success with some of our students. Share your heart, your mission, and your goals with your potential donors, and the Lord will do the rest!

Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover

You never know who will be willing to create a scholarship for you, donate funds for your education or help you with scholarship money. Don't rule out businesses or organizations simply because you "don't think" they will help. Reach for the stars (a little cheesy, but you get it, right?)! Happy searching!


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