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Learn How to Present Engaging, Challenging and Inspiring Sermons with an M.Div. in Homiletics

Has God called you to preach the Gospel? Whether you are already teaching God’s Word or you want to transition into a ministry career where you engage in preaching, Liberty University’s Master of Divinity with a specialization in homiletics can train you in the art of preparing and preaching sermons. Through practical experience, you can improve your skill in communicating the Gospel.

In addition to improving your preaching ability, you will gain a firm understanding of subjects like apologetics, discipleship, leadership, hermeneutics, and the Greek and Hebrew Languages. This is a wonderful chance to expand your knowledge of God’s Word and develop your ability to share it with others.

Why Choose Liberty’s Master of Divinity – Homiletics Degree?

Pursuing our Master of Divinity in Homiletics degree is a great way to start on your path towards fulfilling the Great Commission. Our experienced professors see it as their duty to prepare you for success in preaching the gospel. There is also the possibility of gaining invaluable experience in a real-world environment through our internship program. Work with church professionals in crafting sermons and preaching the Word of God.

Another great thing about this degree is that you have the chance to receive course credit for prior ministry experience or a previously pursued accredited seminary degree through our transfer evaluation and Institutional Challenge Exams. Our Master of Divinity in Homiletics will prepare you for the mission of creating sermons that convey God’s Word and evangelize.

What Will You Learn in Our Master of Divinity – Homiletics Degree?

Our Master of Divinity in Homiletics will prepare you for the challenge of communicating God’s Word through sermons that inspire, challenge and resonate with your congregation or audience. Throughout this degree program, you will engage in extensive studies of apologetics, church ministry, evangelism, homiletics, Old and New Testament, and theology. In addition, you will gain the language skills needed to uncover some of the dual meanings in the Bible. This will lead to skills that will help you interpret the meanings behind various verses in Scripture.

Our homiletics specialization focuses on writing and giving sermons. You will study the many types of expository sermons and discover the formula of delivering successful sermons. Another part of our homiletics program examines the needs of the contemporary church family and delivering sermons for special occasions like Christmas, weddings or funerals. You will also study in specific detail the genres and theological themes found in the Old and New Testament.

We invite you to look at our featured courses for an exciting preview of the M.Div. Homiletics program we offer at Liberty University. You can also review the Degree Completion Plan.

Featured Courses

HOMI 605 – Expository Preaching

HOMI 635 – Preaching for Special Occasions

HOMI 670 – Preaching from the Old Testament

HOMI 675 – Preaching from the New Testament


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Highlights of Our Master of Divinity Degree

  • Monday-only classes for masters’ programs allow students to complete large portions of their M.Div. degree by only attending class one day a week.
  • We have a state-of-the-art homiletics/teaching lab in our School of Divinity building.
  • Study under theologians and missionaries with real-world experience in the online M.Div.’s web-based content developed by Liberty University’s Rawlings School of Divinity.
  • Institutional Challenge Exams (ICE) are available to test out of foundational biblical and theological studies content for the M.Div. program.
  • Our Scriptorium houses the Rawlings Foundation rare books collection valued at over $1 million, a 111 ft.-long Torah scroll that dates to the 16th century, and a functioning replica of the Gutenberg Printing Press.
  • Local church ministry training is embedded within our programs.
  • We provide experiential learning opportunities through church and para-church ministries.

Master of Divinity – Homiletics Degree Information

Career Opportunities for Master of Divinity – Homiletics Graduates

  • Christian Educator
  • Curriculum Director
  • Instructional Supervisor
  • Speaker or Evangelist
  • Pastor

Admission Requirements for Graduate Degrees

Every application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and all applicants must submit the following documents and meet the minimum requirements for admission: