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Top Employees of October 2015

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Russell Darnell

Dept: Information Technology
Title: Systems Administrator III

Russell is an excellent asset to Liberty University IT Operations. As a Microsoft infrastructure team member, Russell champions the improvement of our Microsoft systems as well as increased availability of new features to end users. Russell is an avid learner and an excellent team member who takes the time to build relationships with his co-workers through activities such as working out at the LaHaye Student Union. Russell makes problem solving a priority and focuses on value. We are grateful for his expertise on our team.

Brad Davis

Dept: Auxiliary Services
Title: Project Manager

Brad began working in the Fulfillment Department in the summer of 2014 and quickly proved himself to be a valuable and capable employee. He was promoted to project manager in February 2015 and has provided excellent service to other departments and has greatly contributed to the logistical development of the entire Fulfillment Department. His work ethic and attitude quickly garnered the respect of his co-workers and has motivated other Fulfillment staff to develop their skillset. We are excited to show our appreciation for Brad as employee of the month.

Steven Ferro

Dept: Human Resources
Title: Director of Benefits Administration

Steven arrived at Liberty University a little over a year ago with more than 15 years of experience in human resources and benefits administration. He does an excellent job of assisting employees in selecting the benefits that best meet both the employee and their family's needs. He strives to help employees gain both value and comfort from their benefit decisions and guides them in utilizing all that Liberty's benefits have to offer.

Tim John

Dept: Enrollment Management
Title: Research Analyst for Enrollment Management

Tim currently serves as a research analyst for Enrollment Management. He has shown a great ability to analyze data, identify trends, and understand policy in order to assess the strengths and weaknesses of various decisions to be made within Enrollment Management. Tim has served at Liberty University for over seven years. He previously worked as a senior admissions counselor and operations coordinator for Resident Enrollment. Tim graduated from Liberty in 2007 and was a pitcher on the Liberty Flames baseball team from 2003-07.

Elliott Miller

Dept: Marketing Department
Title: Video Production Specialist II

Elliott is an essential member of our video team in Marketing. He consistently exceeds expectations in his work and is someone that can be trusted by his leadership team. He has recently taken on additional responsibilities within our team to assist us during a staffing transition. He is a wizard with AfterEffects, and we value his expertise in videography. Even more so, we appreciate the integrity with which he approaches his work.

Mark Miller

Dept: Information Technology
Title: Business Data Analyst II

Mark has been an invaluable member of the team for several years. With his keen eye toward finding problems and thoughtfulness in providing solutions, Mark excels in every task with which he is involved. He does everything with a spirit of humility and an attitude of service. He has the ability to make those around him better by encouraging them, providing guidance to his team, and always keeping the big picture in mind when involved in decision making.

Melissa Osterkamp

Dept: Finance & Administration
Title: Embedded Student Accounts Representative

Melissa began her Liberty University career three years ago as a Student Services representative before transitioning into the role of embedded representative for the Financial Aid Office. Her reputation for being dedicated, dependable, and detail-oriented has earned her the respect of all who work with her. She continually demonstrates professionalism and a strong work ethic in everything she does while also being a true team player. Melissa takes ownership and efficiently executes every task assigned to her. It is our privilege to have her in the Student Accounts Office.

Dawn Sandas

Dept: Registrar
Title: Assistant Registrar for Resident Undergraduate Programs

Dawn is the assistant registrar for residential undergraduate students. She has served faithfully in this position for five years and has proved to be a valuable asset to the Registrar’s Office. Dawn goes above and beyond in every task she undertakes. As she guides students toward the completion of their academic goals, she can always be relied upon get the job done and to do it extremely well. Dawn’s commitment, training, and experience in higher education have made her a respected member of the Registrar team, not only with her colleagues in the office but across the university as well. Congratulations, Dawn, on this well-deserved honor.

Terri Sipantzi

Dept: Academics
Title: Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Professor Terri Sipantzi has been teaching at Liberty University, both online and residentially, for many years. He has been a great addition to the School of Engineering & Computational Sciences (SECS) since joining about two years ago. His diverse skill set has enabled him to teach classes in business, computer science, and engineering. With a history in aeronautics, he has distinguished himself as our de facto liaison between SECS and the School of Aeronautics on joint initiatives, research, and opportunities. He is a proactive member of our SECS team and was the logical choice for the Faculty Curriculum Committee.

Rob Slaughter

Dept: Field Operations
Title: Kitchen Technician

Rob has been with Liberty University for 19 years. He is a true value to Liberty in his knowledge of our kitchen appliances. Along with two other employees, Rob maintains our kitchen equipment all over campus. A parent sent us a note about Rob that follows, "I was out getting some coffee and met a gentleman named Rob who was wearing a Liberty maintenance uniform. We struck up a conversation, and it became evident that this man loves his job and serving others. It is rare to find someone who cares this much about what they do. Our brief encounter was enough to let me know he truly does his job to serve God and others and not just for a paycheck." This note says it all about Rob, and we are blessed to have such a dedicated employee.

Trey Smith

Dept: Academics
Title: Program Editor

In addition to being a stellar program editor, Trey has been an invaluable asset to our department during a recent transition. She has taken on extra responsibilities while also leading a team of course editors. Trey’s humble spirit, great attitude, and professionalism make it a joy to work with her. Whether she is editing online courses, creating project update reports, or leading team meetings, Trey maintains a calm and reassuring demeanor. Trey is a valued colleague and we are blessed that she is part of the CCD family!

Nathan Valle

Dept: Academics
Title: Faculty Support Coordinator

Since joining the School of Divinity, Nathan has made a tremendous impact. Not only are his drive and work ethic evident each day at work, but also his generosity and professionalism are contagious. In the midst of his busy workdays, Nathan always finds opportunities to say hello to others and continues to be a great example of incarnational Christianity. We are very proud to have him on staff in the School of Divinity, and excited that we can honor him with this recognition.