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Top Employees of September 2015

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Kyle Breen

Dept: Information Technology
Title: Media Systems Technician II

Kyle Breen is a loyal, hardworking, forward-thinking employee in IT Operations. He is thorough, detail oriented, and takes great pride and ownership in his role at Liberty. Kyle also comes to work every day with a positive, pleasant attitude. Recently, Kyle went above and beyond during an upgrade that took place across campus by meticulously combing through project-related items to ensure successful integration.

Allison Brooks

Dept: Finance & Administration
Title: Travel Coordinator

Allison Brooks joined the Procurement Department a year ago, taking over the complex job of assisting university faculty, staff, and students with travel needs. Even when faced with the challenges of airline delays, missing reservations, and travel-weary customers, Allison maintains a smile and a positive attitude. Allison previously spent time teaching English as an au pair in Italy. Her love of travel gave her the opportunity to work as a travel agent at a tour company, helping commercial clients navigate the globe. Allison is a Liberty Christian Academy and Liberty University graduate and is earning a master’s degree. An avid kayaker, Allison loves the outdoors. She is a tremendous asset to our team.

Christine Fulmer

Dept: Academics
Title: Associate Professor of Social Work

Christine Fulmer serves as an associate professor in the School of Behavioral Sciences. She assisted in developing the B.S. in Social Work program beginning this semester. Over the past year, she has worked toward developing a Christ-centered social work program that will equip students to offer healing and hope to their communities. The program requires accreditation from the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), and she has worked tirelessly to prepare for the department’s first CSWE site visit. Although Professor Fulmer is new to our team, her contribution to the department, her enthusiasm for the new program, and her dedication to students and faculty make her an irreplaceable colleague. We are grateful she is on our team!

Kelli Goins

Dept: Registrar
Title: Academic Support Processor

Kelli Goins has served in the Registrar’s Office on the Course Schedules team for over a year. Kelli goes above and beyond in her office responsibilities to ensure that deadlines are met. She is well known for her solid work ethic, sense of integrity, and desire to serve others. Her work is impeccable, her knowledge and passion is unrivaled, and her positive attitude is contagious to everyone around her. Kelli has truly become the expert in her role and leads others by her godly and professional example. The Course Schedules team highly values her, and she is well loved by all the staff. It was clear to our leadership that Kelli was a natural choice for Employee of the Month.

Dr. Richard Lane

Dept: Academics
Title: Director MPH Program, Public and Community Health

Dr. Richard Lane is the first director of the Master of Public Health (MPH) program. Previously, he served for over two decades as the university’s student health services director. His professional expertise and wise counsel were instrumental in helping establish the MPH program, which prepares professionals to work in disease prevention and health promotion efforts around the globe. His enthusiastic spirit and tireless efforts have led to partnerships with health agencies and community leaders that will create strong and vibrant experiences for students. He meets daily with students and faculty to assist them with their questions and needs. Dr. Lane is a true example of servant leadership.

Terri Modlin

Dept: Academics
Title: Coordinator of External Field Experiences

Terri Modlin serves in the School of Education as the coordinator for External Field Experiences. She is responsible for overseeing the external field team as they to place hundreds of candidates in schools around the world each semester. Terri is an incredible asset, because her leadership and work ethic enable our candidates to obtain authentic practice in diverse classrooms. Terri is superb at overseeing the vast number of placements that must be made each semester, yet she is diligent about paying attention to detail. We are proud to highlight Terri’s dedication and hard work in the School of Education.

Michele Pait

Dept: Enrollment Management
Title: Assistant Director of Recruitment

Michele Pait has served at Liberty University for four years. She provides leadership to the online recruitment team and serves as a liaison to the Marketing Department. Michele began her career as an admissions specialist before transitioning into the position of education development coordinator and then recruitment coordinator. She was promoted to assistant director of Online Recruitment in 2013. Michele’s bright personality and diligent work ethic are godly examples to those she leads. Her passion for her work and her Lord are evident in everything she does inside and outside the university.

Veronica Rohrer

Dept: Academics
Title: Faculty Support Coordinator

Veronica Rohrer demonstrates what it means to be a Champion for Christ. As our first faculty support coordinator, she quickly mastered online faculty administration, handled every problem with grace, and quickly identified and fixed several areas that needed attention. In the last couple months, she volunteered to assist in the production of numerous assessment products, tirelessly editing and inputting data to meet the needs of the assessments team. She meets each new challenge with a Christlike attitude. Her joy and positive work ethic make her a blessing to have her on our team.

Mark Schmidt

Dept: Academics
Title: Professor of English

Dr. Mark Schmidt has been coordinator for the University Core Competencies 101 course since its inception in 2014. In addition to his outstanding work creating the course, he recruits and trains up to 100 faculty members each fall, sends weekly email instructions, updates PowerPoint lectures and assignments, and oversees all administrative and academic requirements. His prompt work on behalf of the dean of the College of General Studies (CGS), the UNIV 101 faculty, and his students sets him apart and makes him an invaluable member of the CGS leadership.

Stewart Waddy

Dept: Information Technology
Title: Business Data Analyst II

Stewart Waddy has been with Analytics and Decision Support since the department began. He’s held multiple roles and has been valuable in each position. Most recently, while working on the Data Warehouse team, he implemented new and inventive practices by facilitating efforts in data visualization. Stewart has a servant’s heart and has always been a team player — genuinely caring for his co-workers. We are excited to celebrate Stewart as Employee of the Month.