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Top Employees of May 2015

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Michelle Baker

Dept: Academics
Title: Coordinator for Research

Since joining The Graduate School staff nearly four years ago, Michelle Baker’s responsibilities have grown to include oversight of the Institutional Research Board (IRB), the Institutional Animal Care and Research Office (IACUC), and the Provost Research Grants Program. Michelle is a dedicated professional and has been a key component of the continued growth and development of the administrative support for Liberty University’s graduate programs. We congratulate Michelle on receiving this honor.

Alexandra Barnett

Dept: Academics
Title: Assistant Director - Center for Curriculum Development

Alex is the epitome of an ideal leader at Liberty University. Her positive approach, sensitivity to people, and persistent pursuit to recognize and implement industry best practices are unmistakable in every project she oversees. Her attention to detail and curriculum development skills enable her to work well with every project, regardless of the subject matter. Alex honors God and is an example to the university of a person of integrity. She readily provides training to those she manages on the editing and redevelopment teams. Her contribution and oversight were instrumental in developing the new All-Access SME training course launched in January.

Janice Berkland

Dept: Enrollment Management
Title: Admissions Consultant

Janice joined Liberty University as an admissions consultant in August of 2011. Janice consistently exceeds our department’s performance and quality goals. She is an example to those around her of positivity, punctuality, preparedness, and personal stewardship. Her qualities and performance challenge and encourage her peers and supervisors. After nearly four years of service, Janice continues to proactively improve and develop her own knowledge and skills in order to provide superior service to prospective students. Janice has stated that her life goal is “to live my life in such a way that my children can see Jesus in me,” and she has clearly applied this conviction to her work at Liberty.

Brennon Carlson

Dept: Finance & Administration
Title: Sourcing Manager; Procurement

Brennon has been a member of the Procurement team here at Liberty University for nearly three years. Part of Brennon’s role includes managing large complex projects dealing with operational goods and services needed by Liberty University. Brennon has brought a wealth of knowledge and determination to our office, which has led to the successful completion of several projects with tremendous benefit to all of our employees and students, while helping the university save millions of dollars. In addition to his regular responsibilities, Brennon is quick to volunteer to help his fellow employees. He consistently receives high praise and accolades from those he works to support.

Paige Counts

Dept: Marketing Department
Title: Promotional Writer

Paige Counts is a tremendous asset to our department. In her role as the academic writer, she is passionate about crafting messaging that accurately and excellently portrays the university’s academic departments. She loves hearing the heart of academic departmental staff and helping bring that vision to life for their prospective students in the marketing pieces she develops. A true team player, Paige is always willing to roll up her sleeves and collaborate with fellow writers and designers, as well as clients. She handles a high volume of projects with grace and is adept at producing quality work in a fast-paced environment. We are blessed to have her on our team!

Madeline Gay

Dept: Information Technology
Title: Business Data Analyst II

Madeline approaches every email she receives with a spirit of kindness and helpfulness. She makes a conscious effort to ensure that users feel they can ask questions. . Her responses are quick and timely, combatting a growing perception that IT is becoming slow. She has also led multiple in-person training sessions where she interacts with faculty. Madeline is an important asset to the academic ADS team and will be a key player long-term.

Carrie Hodges

Dept: Registrar
Title: Graduate Academic Evaluator

Carrie Hodges has served in the Registrar’s Office since 2009, first as a member of the Enrollment Verification team and, since 2011, as a graduate academic evaluator. She consistently has a positive attitude and does her work with excellence and humility. She is regularly asked to train new team members because of her mastery of the ever-growing information required for her position. She is frequently given special projects, and she always completes them quickly and with excellence. We are blessed to have Carrie as a member of our Registrar’s Office family!

Michaelle McCarthy

Dept: Human Resources
Title: Payroll Clerk Assistant

Michaelle has lived in Lynchburg since 1991, and is a member of the Human Resources team. She is one of the first smiling faces that you meet when visiting the Human Resources office. After three years working in Human Resources, Michaelle still sees every day as a chance to shine the light of Christ through a positive attitude and brighten the day of those she encounters.

Kane McKenzie

Dept: Information Technology
Title: System Administrator

Since coming to Liberty in 2012, Kane has become an integral part of the Database Administration team. His leadership, expertise, and experience helped establish a data warehouse within our office as a center for all business critical data reporting. This effort has quickly become as mission critical to daily operation as our recognized Tier 0 Business Services.

Nicole Quirion

Dept: Academics
Title: Assessment Coordinator

Nicole has been with the Department of Computational Sciences for three years and is the ABET/IE assessment coordinator for the department. Nicole’s professionalism and dedication is reflected in the completion of ABET accreditation and continued ABET support. It takes time, planning, and good old-fashioned hard work to keep the department running smoothly. Ultimately, she does whatever it takes to support the mission of the department and the university. She is a wonderful example of Christ-like character, and we are blessed to have her here!

Robert Ritchie

Dept: Academics
Title: Assistant Professor

Rob Ritchie is one of the most popular and dynamic instructors in the College of General Studies. As a professor of history, he teaches Introduction to Geography, a demanding course which helps students understand both the physical and cultural dimensions of the planet and their influence on human movements and behaviors. Because of his enthusiasm and interaction with students, he is universally respected and loved by his students and admired and appreciated by his teaching colleagues. Professor Ritchie is energetic, thought-provoking, humorous, insightful, and engaging.