Top Employees of July 2017

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Leanne Arrington

Dept: LUO
Title: LUO Communications Coordinator

Leanne Arrington has been with Liberty University since 2011 and currently serves as the communications coordinator for the Online Programs Communications & Development team. Within her role, Leanne demonstrates an unwavering commitment and dedication to her position, as well as the faculty, staff, and students she serves. She is an excellent liaison for our office and works with dozens of departments within the university to give the best possible service to our students. Most importantly, we are grateful for the initiative and positive attitude Leanne shows in all aspects of her job. We are blessed to have such a hardworking employee serving our students!

Caleb Childers

Dept: Registrar
Title: Quality Assurance Specialist

Caleb Childers has worked in several areas in the Registrar’s Office, including the Student Service Center and Academic Evaluations, but most recently, he serves as the quality assurance specialist. Caleb is a hard worker who is always willing to help with extra projects and assignments, and his dedication to helping students inspires others. From auditing our graduation records to helping with behind the scenes tasks, we appreciate the hard work Caleb does for the Registrar’s Office.

Lisa Curtis

Dept: Office of the Provost
Title: Receptionist

As the receptionist for the Center for Teaching Excellence, Lisa provides a friendly first contact for our office. In addition to internal hospitality functions, she schedules CTE Pro Dev events, coordinates large-scale events with Campus Calendar and Event Production, assists new faculty with professional development requirements, and serves as editor of our newsletter, “CTE, ETC”. Lisa’s strengths are organization, superior technology skills, excellent customer service, and a long history with Liberty University. Her flexibility, helpful attitude, and careful follow-through demonstrate her servant’s heart. She is a valued member of the CTE staff and is appreciated by everyone that she encounters. Thank you for your outstanding work ethic,

William Dogan

Dept: LU Police Department
Title: Police Officer

William Dogan has served as a Liberty University Police Officer since December 2012. He is highly experienced in the field of law enforcement and has recently completed certification as a field training officer. He has been instrumental in the development, implementation, and revision of the Field Training and Evaluation Program at LUPD and recently completed training and become an instructor in Crisis Intervention. He is an integral part of the LUPD team and a strong example for all law enforcement officers.

Abby Faber

Dept: University Offices
Title: Sr. Admissions Counselor

Abby has been an exceptional member of the Resident Admissions team for three and a half years. She is a great support to many special groups of new incoming students and works closely with various Liberty departments to ensure the best possible experience for each student. She is our Resident Admissions scholarship expert, and has a wealth of knowledge of the ins and outs of scholarship processes. She maintains a consistently positive and professional attitude, and she is an encouragement to everyone she comes in contact with. Abby is an invaluable asset to our team and an exemplary employee!

Brian Hinkley

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Certified Sports Turf Manager

Brian Hinkley has worked at Liberty University for over 22 years, starting at the age of 15. He has held multiple positions in the Grounds Department during his time at Liberty, and now oversees his own area. Brian's knowledge and experience has grown with him: he is one of the top professionals in his field in the area and is a certified sports turf manager. His crews manage all of the university’s athletics fields, as well as the LCA fields. Brian is devoted to his family. His wife, Jamie, occasionally makes lunch for Brian and his crew, along with his children Raymie and Cooper. The guys that spend the most time with Brian say they are blessed to work for him. Congratulations, Brian!

Jonathan Ignacio

Dept: Student Affairs
Title: Associate Director, Office of Community Life

Jonathan Ignacio is a valuable member of the team in the Office of Community Life, enthusiastically taking on additional responsibilities as needed. His consistently even-tempered demeanor, gentleness, sincerity, and fairness, combined with his professionalism, make him the ideal person to meet with students and walk them through difficult life situations. Jonathan exemplifies a Christlike character and is a steady encouragement to his team.

Maegan Immordino

Dept: Finance & Administration
Title: Card Services Team Lead

Since joining our team, Maegan has demonstrated an excellent attitude and has successfully moved into her role as team lead. She is extremely proficient, motivated, and always willing to assist when needed. Her Christlike attitude shines through all she does, from her daily interactions with customers to the staff she oversees. Maegan is greatly valued, a delight to work with, and a blessing to both our department and the university.

Marcus Lau

Dept: Information Technology
Title: Business Data Analyst II

Marcus has served at Liberty for over five years now. During that time, he has gained extensive knowledge and expertise of Liberty’s phone and dialer strategies and data. His work has proved invaluable to not only the ADS Online Programs team, but to the Online Programs as a whole. Marcus been able to provide a great deal of support to our call centers that we have never been able to provide in the past. His expertise on the subject matter has enabled his team to respond in a much more timely fashion, as he has the firsthand knowledge in most situations to resolve questions and concerns immediately. Good job, Marcus!

Melanie Letterman

Dept: Office of the Provost
Title: Program Coordinator (Marketing)

Melanie Letterman displays excellence in everything she does. Since joining our team in the School of Business, she has contributed across every level in our organization with unparalleled professionalism and a willingness to serve. Melanie has been handpicked to create and/or contribute to presentations and projects impacting senior leadership decisions that benefit both the School of Business and the university. Melanie is the go-to person when we are looking for creative and innovative ways to communicate changes in our programs in order to ensure students understand the benefits of these changes. She models a sincere commitment to Christ in all she does, and we are blessed to have her on our team.

Ann Manuel

Dept: IT Services
Title: Project Manager III

Ann has been a key stakeholder in the success of many LU events over the years, most recently Research Week and Commencement. Ann has been the IT Department’s point of contact for these events and has handled requests ranging from coordinating the live streaming of events to deploying temporary Wi-Fi solutions for visiting vendors. Oftentimes, requests come in at the last minute, but Ann is able to quickly and efficiently deliver what is needed. Her attention to detail and organized approach bring great value to the university. Ann is a valued employee and we appreciate everything that she does.

Caleb Nelson

Dept: Marketing Department
Title: Videographer

Caleb Nelson displays passion, creativity, and a good attitude, making him a valuable asset to the Video Marketing team. He always brings great energy and vision and puts forth maximum effort into the spots he works on. Whether he is shooting or editing, he has a great skillset and pushes others to improve. We are thankful for his reliability, hard work, and tenacity!

Lauren Rock

Dept: Student Financial Services
Title: Compliance Analyst I

Lauren Rock has served in the Financial Aid Department since 2010 and is a huge asset to the team, thanks to her ability to master processes with both efficiency and quality. Lauren has a fantastic attitude about her work and is a mentor to her colleagues. She has been able to wear many hats on the team and is always willing to step in and assist whenever needed. Lauren embodies professionalism in her work and is dedicated to ensuring her tasks are completed with accuracy. Lauren, we are thankful for you and happy to have you as part of the Program Integrity team. Congratulations!

Elisabeth Roselle

Dept: Office of the Provost
Title: Professional Advisor

Elisabeth Roselle serves as a professional advisor in the College of Applied Studies & Academic Success (CASAS), embedded in the School of Education. Each semester, she advises and tracks the degree progress of more than 600 residential students across all education programs. Within her first year as an advisor, Elisabeth not only consistently proposed and piloted new initiatives to better assist residential students, she also co-presented at a regional conference for advising professionals. Elisabeth is known by her students and colleagues as an individual who is professional and compassionate, and handles her workload in an excellent manner. Elisabeth is well-deserving of this recognition, and CASAS is grateful that she is with us!

Samuel Spradlin

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Painter Technician

Sammy has been with the Liberty Paint Department for over nine years. He has proven to be a hard worker with great work ethics. Sammy always comes in early or on time and is a team player who gets along with everyone. He has a wonderful, positive attitude that keeps his team focused and in good spirits. Sammy's infectious attitude, excellent time management, and willingness to work nearly every Saturday inspires his co-workers. His efforts help give Liberty University its world-class appearance. Sammy is married with three children, and enjoys spending time with his family, especially his grandchildren. We are grateful to have Sammy in our department. Congratulations, Sammy!

Kaleb VanDePerre

Dept: Auxiliary Services
Title: Marketing & Varsity Club Coordinator

Kaleb has served as the marketing and varsity club coordinator for Club Sports for the past two years. He has demonstrated great dedication and commitment highlighted by a willingness to help in any situation, stay late as needed, and be a true team player within Club Sports. He has a unique ability to analyze, promote, and direct events through to completion. Kaleb has launched several strategic initiatives include rolling out an amazing social media platform, hosting eight new Varsity Club events, organizing and mediating all marketing requests for Club Sports coaches, and generating creative fan experiences during event intermissions. Kaleb has also served as an assistant coach for the men’s beach volleyball team. Congratulations, Kaleb!

Tristan Walter

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: CAD Designer

Tristan began working at Liberty University in May 2015 as an engineering student worker in the Planning and Construction Department. In January 2017, he joined LU’s Facilities Management Design and Drafting group as a full-time employee, where he is a CAD Designer responsible for many of the campus renovation projects. Tristan is an exceptional team member and exemplifies our department’s core values in his work. While working full time, Tristan has continued to pursue his degree at Liberty, along with his wife, Esther, whom he recently married. He is also an avid runner and cyclist. Congratulations, Tristan!