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Top Employees of April 2014

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Doug Allen

Dept: Field Operations
Title: Acce Control Project Leader Leader

Doug Allen is a great asset to the Access Control team as a project leader. Doug has shown great commitment to our department through his willing spirit and ability to train others. Doug is always eager to work until projects are completed even if overtime is required. We are very thankful to have Doug on our team.

Dan Berkenkemper

Dept: Career Center
Title: The Washington Fellowship Coordinator

Dan has been invaluable to the Washington Fellowship program since he joined in the summer of 2011. His passion for mentoring and equipping students is displayed daily. Dan demonstrates enthusiasm, creativity, and attention to detail with every task. He possesses a positive nature that invites personal engagement; building trust and admiration with the students and employers he encounters. Dan also embraces a servant leadership mentality with God as the focus of his life. His work ethic is marked through his desire to challenge himself, and by taking ownership over the duties and tasks he has been assigned. Dan truly embodies the spirit of what Liberty University looks for in outstanding team members.

Lourdes Colon

Dept: Academics
Title: Bilingual Programs Support Coordinator

Lourdes Colon has been working at Liberty University since (2009). She came to Liberty University from Ponce, Puerto Rico to pursue her BS degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Human Services: Marriage and Family. In addition to offering support to academic courses and office administration, Lourdes coordinates many of the communication facets that help support our bilingual programs, such as faculty language assessment, course schedule, bilingual course development and revisions and program advising support. Lourdes exemplifies a strong work ethic, while allowing her faith in Christ to guide her daily interaction with our online students, faculty and other academic support staff.

Christi Gee

Dept: Marketing Department
Title: Director of Quality Control

Christi Gee is in her third year with the Marketing Department and serves as director of quality control. She supervises a team that reviews all of Liberty’s marketing materials before they are published, to ensure the university’s messaging is consistent and clear of errors. She has a firm grasp on what makes Liberty unique among college institutions. As a leader, she makes decisions every day that safeguard Liberty’s mission. Her planning and organizational skills prove valuable to all marketing staff. Christi’s gentle manner creates a warm, welcoming, working environment. As a Liberty parent, she knows the importance of training Champions for Christ to impact the world. She proves this every day by being an example of one herself.

Matt Gregory

Dept: Enrollment Management
Title: Education Development Coordinator

Matthew Gregory is an Education Development Coordinator for Liberty University Online. His commitment to excellence is evident through his positive attitude, strong work ethic, and infectious team spirit. Whether assisting corporate partners or representing Liberty at events, Gregory exemplifies what it means to live as a Champion for Christ. He is a tremendous asset to the Recruitment team and Liberty.

Jeremy Hicks

Dept: Information Technology
Title: Technical Team Lead, Construction

Jeremy Hicks is a great asset to the Information Technology department. On the Library project, Hicks did an amazing job. His willingness to go above and beyond to make the project a success was very much appreciated.

Kivett Hicks

Dept: Student Affairs
Title: Assistant Director of Housing: Facilities

Kivett Hicks has been with the Office of Student Housing for just over two years as an assistant director of housing for facilities. His work ethic and integrity are near unmatched. Hicks consistently devotes time to building relationships within the office, as well as interdepartmentally, and has proven to be an incredible asset. Being a Liberty University graduate and a former student leader, he has provided great insight for improving the residence halls for our students. Kivett's charisma is infectious, as is his humor. There is never a dull moment with Mr. Hicks.

Cooper Pasque

Dept: Academics
Title: Scholarly Communications Assistant

Cooper is highly motivated, does the job to the best of his ability and is excited about it! The administrative team has given him a number of projects and responsibilities in which Cooper has shown himself to be quite capable. As one of the Jerry Falwell Library tour guides, he consistently receives high praise from guests. Cooper works with both faculty and students; they find him very professional and patient. Lastly, he is a model of enthusiasm with both customers and colleagues.

Wesley Pena

Dept: Academics
Title: Student Assistant

Wesley Pena joined the Honors Office in 2013. Wesley is from Southaven, Mississippi and is a devoted sister to 9 younger siblings. Wesley has a servant’s heart and strives to do her best in all that she does whether it’s score-keeping for the Quiz Bowl team, welcoming visitors to the Honors Office, or cheering Honors applicants on during the application process.

Danielle Seamster

Dept: Finance & Administration
Title: Buyer, Procurement Department

Danielle Seamster has been a buyer in the Procurement Department since September 2012. She brings over 17 years of procurement experience to Liberty University. She always stands ready to serve her customers to the best of her ability and with a cheerful heart. Danielle has earned the respect of her customers and coworkers for her strong work ethic, and she goes beyond her official job responsibilities to ensure that their needs are met on a daily basis.

Derek Via

Dept: Registrar
Title: Quality Assurance Specialist

Derek Via has worked at Liberty University for two and a half years and currently serves as a quality assurance specialist in the Registrar’s Office. As a quality assurance specialist, he assists with the monitoring of data and processes within the Registrar’s Office to ensure that the department’s records are maintained efficiently. Derek’s zero-error record has helped to guarantee that the Registrar’s Office is conferring student degrees correctly. His positive Christian attitude and professional work ethic is much appreciated, and we are lucky to have Derek on our team!

Stephanie Ward

Dept: Student Activities
Title: Associate Director

Stephanie has served the Student Activities department in many different roles for the past several years. From a CSER volunteer, to a student worker, and now as a full-time employee, she has always put others first and worked tirelessly to enhance the department. Stephanie oversees programming and promotion for nearly 100 events a year including major concerts, Coffeehouse, and other on-campus events. She is a hard worker and does a great job relating to and caring for the student workers on her team. The rest of the department is thankful for having such a dedicated co-worker who collaborates well and puts others first.