Top Employees of October 2016

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Oswald Attin

Dept: Academics
Title: Associate Professor

Dr. Oswald Attin is truly a valued member of the Department of Public & Community Health. His energetic teaching style and willingness to spend extra time working with students outside of class answering questions demonstrate his commitment to student success. In addition, Ozzie serves the university through departmental duties, working as an assessment coordinator, and always willing to give a helping hand where needed. We are truly blessed to have Ozzie as part of our team!

Steven Bowler

Dept: Marketing Department
Title: Promotional Writer

Steven is a tremendous asset to the Marketing Department. He has steadily taken on extra responsibilities and gone above and beyond to offer support to other teams within the office. His ability to maintain a positive attitude and sense of humor in the midst of busy seasons makes him a joy to work with. We are privileged and grateful to have him as a Senior Writer within our department.

Dana Burgess

Dept: Planning and Construction
Title: Office Manager

Dana Burgess has served as an administrative assistant to Greg Bennett and the Health & Environmental Safety Department for just over a year. She is essential to daily operations and works with various departments throughout the university on a regular basis. Dana is very passionate about her role and works hard to support and accommodate the safety needs of the university. She is always very welcoming and friendly to everyone she encounters. Dana is very organized and helps manage the regulatory documentation that is required for the department. Dana is an essential part of the Health & Environmental Safety team. She has two children and loves working for the university. The university is blessed to have Dana on our team. Congratulations!

Leah Day

Dept: Academics
Title: CCD Textbook Manager

Leah Day exemplifies the core values of the Center for Curriculum Development (CCD) and Liberty University. Her consistent contribution as textbook manager impacts every online course and is highly valued. Leah’s ability to communicate clearly with faculty, publishers, and academic advisors regarding resources is impeccable. Leah has designed systems to track thousands of resources. She truly honors God by displaying integrity and focusing on others. We are blessed to have her as part of the CCD staff.

Ryan Finney

Dept: Information Technology
Title: Program Manager

Ryan Finney was instrumental in making the first day of classes for the School of Communication & Creative Arts (SCCA) a success. With many hurdles to overcome, Ryan stayed in constant contact with the customers as to the status of their classrooms. He worked with the customers to set expectations and give them the confidence that they would be able to hold classes the first day of school. Various construction and parts delays were a constant threat to cause the project to fail, but Ryan was able to overcome these by working closely with the installation team to find alternative solutions to give the professors the functionality they needed to launch the school year.

Fen Hardy

Dept: Planning and Construction
Title: Auto Tech

Fen Hardy has been with Liberty for three years and in that time has shown us what it means to be a team player. He has a go-getter attitude and is self-motivated to get the job done. Fen demonstrates strong qualities of integrity and leadership. He came to the Transportation Department at Liberty shortly after moving here from South Africa, and He is always willing to help out when jobs get tough and plays an essential role in maintaining the university’s equipment and vehicles. We, in Transportation, as well as Liberty University, are lucky to have such a well-rounded team member on board! Thank you for all that you do, Fen. Congratulations!

Ken Hudson

Dept: Planning and Construction
Title: Electrician Helper II

Ken Hudson has worked for Liberty for over 17 years, he is in the Electrical Department. He came from Northern Virginia to attend Lynchburg Baptist College. He lived at the Virginian Hotel and Treasure Island when those were the school’s dormitories. He has been involved in all the growth at Liberty that we enjoy. Ken has been married for over 40 years, has three children and two perfect grandchildren. He's a wedding videographer and likes hiking and boating. If you see Ken thank him for all his hard work! Congratulations!

Sharon Koger

Dept: Registrar
Title: Graduate Academic Evaluator Coordinator

Sharon Koger has been with the Registrar’s Office for over 10 years. She joined our team as a graduate academic evaluator, and has served our students, faculty, and staff at Liberty with efficiency and professionalism. Last November, she was promoted to graduate academic evaluator coordinator, and she has met the challenges of her new position with great success. She consistently handles a high volume of email traffic, supplying our faculty, academic departments, and students with timely replies to their inquiries and requests. Sharon is a valued member of our team, and we celebrate with her in this honor to be selected as Employee of the Month!

Shannon Middleton

Dept: Enrollment Management
Title: LUO Promotion Specialist

Shannon Middleton has been with Liberty University since 2010 and currently serves as promotion specialist for the LUO Enrollment Communications & Development team. Within her role, she demonstrates an incredible work ethic, is an excellent liaison for our office, and has a detailed eye with every project that is assigned to her. Most importantly, we are grateful for the initiative and positive attitude Shannon shows in all aspects of her job responsibilities. We are blessed to have such a hardworking employee serving our students!

Ryan Phelps

Dept: Information Technology
Title: Business Data Analyst II

Ryan Phelps serves as a business data analyst supporting the academic departments here at Liberty. Ryan has specialized in APEX development and has risen to be one of the top developers here in ADS. He is extremely effective at communicating to his customers and goes out of his way to make sure the entire business process is documented well. Recently, he has taken on the extra workload of being our only APEX developer while another team member is on maternity leave. He has done an excellent job of testing all of our applications for the new release of APEX while meeting his other deployment deadlines. Ryan is an excellent team player and the applications that he has built are in the process of building are impacting the entire university.

Nikki Wilkins

Dept: Academics
Title: Associate Administrator

Nikki Wilkins has been a faithful employee of Liberty University for 15 years. She greets everyone with a smile and treats everyone she meets with kindness and compassion. Her character and work ethic are evident in the way she manages numerous daily tasks with grace and diligence. Nikki plays an integral role in keeping the Rawlings School of Divinity running smoothly, and we are very grateful to have her on the team. Thanks for all you do, Nikki!