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Campus Community | Playlist Week 8


Tonight, we heard an overview of the good news of the Gospel from the perspective of some of Christ’s final words on the cross which was actually a quotation from Psalm 22. People in the Old Testament looked forward to a promise. We look back at the promise fulfilled. God is holy. You are not. God is sinless. You are not. The sin separates us from God. All throughout history, humankind has tried to make a way to God, to remove the barrier. Jesus comes and says, “I am the WAY.” The WAY is a person. Jesus on the Cross takes on the sin of the world so that we could become the righteousness of God.


“A thousand years before Jesus came onto the scene, King David in the Psalms begins to prophesy about what would happen on a Friday on a Cross.”

“In scripture, every time Christ is addressing God it’s in the intimate. It’s only on the cross that he uses, ‘my God…’”

“The statement, “my God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” is the cry of broken fellowship.” – Tim Keller

“The greatest anguish of sin is that sin separates us from the Father”


Psalm 22 – Messiah Psalm

Matthew 27:46

Matthew. 15:8 + Isaiah 29:13
John 14:6

2 Corinthians 5:21

John 12:27-28a


1. Keep the main thing the main thing, what is the good news? Review your understanding of the Gospel.
2. What sin do you feel is strong in your life right now? Take a moment now to pray over one another for these.
3. How does it make you feel to have your sins put Jesus on the cross?
4. In this current season, what name of God have you found using? Father? Provider? Savior? Shepherd? Grace Giver?

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