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Q: Who is my main contact in LU Send as a faculty member? 
A: Faculty should contact the Director of Academic Operations in LU Send with any questions or concerns related to an international trip.

Q: How will study tours or other academic trips change?
A: Both international and domestic academic trips (excluding field trips/day trips) will be required to include cultural and spiritual engagement components. LU Send will work with faculty and staff leaders to ensure that each area is properly developed.

Q: What is an academic component? How will it be fulfilled?
A: The academic component facilitates experiential education before, during, and after the trip. Academic courses that will be linked to the trip for credit must be intentional in nature, in that students can clearly understand and apply the course content throughout the trip in a variety of settings. The faculty is expected to make connections to course content while on the trip, helping students to apply that area of study to the new cultural setting. Pre-trip and post-trip assignments are encouraged, as they prepare the students for the experiential learning that will take place on the trip, and help them to further process and apply this knowledge after the trip.

Q: What is a cultural component? How will it be fulfilled? 
A: A cultural component is the integration of learning opportunities that incorporate local customs which help to foster new consideration, understanding, and appreciation for culture. Local customs are wide open to anything from a traditional dinner, language class, or religious seminar. These requirements can be fulfilled by incorporating numerous cultural opportunities for experiential learning on the ground as well as a pre-trip briefing to help minimize culture shock for students. The ultimate goal is to foster growth in each area of Cultural Intelligence to help develop every student into a Global Citizen.

Q: What is a spiritual engagement component? How will it be fulfilled?
A: The spiritual component of each trip will be twofold – the intentional willingness of faculty to help disciple the team as well as engaging in service opportunities while in the country. It is the desire of LU Send to see faculty lead and disciple the group of students well by incorporating a biblical worldview in everything from pre-trip preparation to post-trip debriefing, facilitating devotionals, and small group discussions, and being intentional to foster a culture of intentional prayer. The service engagement opportunity will differ according to each context, but the hope is for each student to learn what is like to serve in a cross-cultural setting while truly being an asset towards the long term advancement of the gospel.

Q: Who can go on trips?
A: Domestic and international trips are open to University faculty, staff, and students. Any non-Liberty affiliates are considered unauthorized travelers and must receive special approval.

Q: What time of year can I take a trip? 
A: You may offer your trip within the parameters of any residential or online term. Please note that the trip and related coursework must take place and be completed within that same term.

Q: When do I need to submit a trip application? How long will it take to be approved?
A1: For international trips, the faculty member must have had an initial meeting with the Director of Academic Operations to discuss the proposed trip. A trip application can then be submitted to the Director of Academic Operations, who will have the proper LU Send staff review the application. Trip approval will take two weeks to one month depending on how the trip and its components align with LU Send’s mission. ***Academic deadlines set forth by the Registrar must be taken into account by the faculty member, as courses cannot be created for the next term after a certain date.

A2: For domestic trips, all domestic trip applications are needed for review at least two weeks prior to the trip. The time needed for approval is contingent upon the complexity of the domestic trip and the level of integration of academic, cultural, and spiritual components.

Q: Who will handle travel logistics for international trips? What about payments?
A: The way logistics are handled will vary according to the need of each faculty member. Should you choose to handle your own trip logistics, LU Send will provide general oversight to ensure that university policies and deadlines are being met. However, if you would like assistance with logistics such as airfare, transit, et cetera, LU Send is available to assist with these needs. In either case, contracts and payments will always be routed through the LU Send office and ultimately paid out by the Procurement Office. Considering this regulation, any paying participant will always submit payments to the University, not the tour company.

Q: How does this affect where I can go?
A: The world is open, and we desire for students to experience a variety of cultures. While most countries are allowable, LU Send monitors the State Department for any international travel warnings, which can affect trip locations.