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Army Tuition Assistance (GoArmyEd)


Below is a snapshot of what Army Tuition Assistance (GoArmyEd) will cover. To determine your eligibility, please check out the full eligibility requirements posted on GoArmyEd’s website or contact your Education Services Officer (ESO) directly.

  • May cover up to $250 per credit hour
  • Fiscal year cap of $4,000
  • Maximum of 16 credit hours may be covered per fiscal year
  • Soldiers are limited to 130 credit hours to complete one bachelor’s degree and 39 credit hours to complete one master’s degree
    • Post-graduate degrees typically do not qualify for GoArmyEd Tuition Assistance
    • One certificate program may be approved for GoArmyEd Tuition Assistance

Please note: Online students using GoArmyEd Tuition Assistance are required by the U.S. Army to register for their courses through the GoArmyEd portal. GoArmyEd students will have a registration hold on their Liberty account to redirect them to GoArmyEd to submit their enrollment requests.

How to Request GoArmyEd Tuition Assistance

If you have not yet set up your GoArmyEd account, your first step is to contact your Education Office for assistance with getting started.

Once your GoArmyEd account has been claimed and updated with the degree you will be pursuing, and Liberty University has been chosen as the home institution, you will be ready to proceed with the steps below. You can visit to get started.

Step 1: Decide your Course Schedule

  1. Contact your Academic Advisor to review your account and assist with your course selection (or work with your admissions counselor if this is your first semester). You may contact an advisor by calling (800) 424-9595 or by emailing
  2. You will not enroll in your courses through Liberty University. You will only need to enroll in your courses through the GoArmyEd portal. Make note of the course subject code and number (ex: ENGL 100), and the dates that you would like to take the course (start and end date). You will need this information to enroll in the course on GoArmyEd.

Step 2: Complete Registration on GoArmyEd

Once you know which courses you want to take, you will need to log in to the GoArmyEd portal to request your TA. If you have never done this before, your local Education Office will be able to assist you. To submit a TA request, you will need to know the Course Subject Code and Number (ex: ENGL 100) and the dates of the course (see the academic calendar for more information).

Using the above information, you will find the correct course in GoArmyEd and request your TA. Please note the registration dates for GoArmyEd on our Dates and Deadlines page, as this will determine whether your desired course will be available in the portal. 

  • Liberty will receive your TA request automatically from GoArmyEd.
  • An advisor will review this request and proceed with enrolling you in the selected course(s).
  • You will receive a confirmation email when you are registered in the course(s) with Liberty.
  • The approved TA funds will likewise be posted to your account automatically within the following 3-5 business days.
  • Monitor your Liberty email account for confirmation of when these actions take place.

Step 3: Complete Financial Check-In

You can verify that your TA has been posted to your account by completing Financial Check-In. Financial Check-In is the final step in the enrollment process and must be completed before you can start courses. Please review our Financial Check-In Guide for more information on this process.