School Counseling Gate 2

Completing the Gate 2 Process is Your Next Step Toward Becoming a Professional School Counselor

Congratulations on starting your first term in your online degree program at Liberty University! We are excited that you have started your licensure-track process to become a professional school counselor. Now that you have been accepted into the program, your next step is to complete the Gate 2 course. The gates process is a step-by-step, organized process that ensures that by the time you graduate with your master’s degree, you will have completed all of the steps needed for state licensure.

To begin your application, follow these simple guidelines. If you do not complete your Gate 2 application or are not accepted, then you will not be able to register for many of the courses listed on your Degree Completion Plan. Liberty University will make every effort to guide you through the Gate 2 process as you look forward to your future as a professional school counselor. 

Gate 2 Application Process

The Gate 2 stage of your M.Ed. in School Counseling program is very important as you are applying for candidacy to continue the licensure process to become a professional school counselor. You will be enrolled in the Gate 2 course for an entire 8-week term. You must have completed the course in its entirety in order to register for additional COSC courses in your program. Because of this, we recommend that you enroll in this course in your very first semester of enrollment.

The application you complete for Gate 2 should be viewed seriously and similarly to a job application and interview process. Therefore, the following items should be kept in mind:

  • All questions should be answered thoroughly, with depth and detail, and in complete sentences.
  • You should complete all the sections in the application.
  • You should read the directions for each section carefully and completely to ensure you meet all of the requirements for each section.
  • Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and organization should be flawless. Applications will not be considered if there are significant issues in any of these areas.

If you have any questions about the School Counseling Gate 2, please contact

Submit Your Gate 2 Application

In order to help you acclimate to the program, we want to provide you with a new student orientation. This will also serve as your gate 2 application. The new student orientation includes several brief modules that will introduce you to some important aspects of our program. Completion of this orientation is required, in order to move through the program.

You can register for COSC 500/Gate 2 through Academic Advising or the Course Registration Tool.

How Long Will the Approval Process for Gate 2 Take?

After initial screening of your application, one of two decisions will be made:

  1. The application will be denied, and updates will be required for resubmission, or
  2. The application will be sent to the School Counseling program admissions committee for review, and an approval or denial decision will be made for the Gate 2 stage. 

What is the Next Step After Acceptance for Gate 2?

After you are approved through Gate 2, you will be able to register for School Counseling (COUC and COSC) courses. Candidates are not permitted to take any COUC or COSC courses except COUC 502, COUC 504, COSC 501, and/or COSC 521 before Gate 2 approval.

After Gate 2 approval, you will be contacted by your assigned faculty mentor, and you must have a virtual meeting with them within one month of Gate 2 approval to avoid holds being placed on your account.

Two courses have been assigned for you to complete with the internship for financial aid purposes. These courses are COSC 604 and COSC 622. You will need to plan your course sequence carefully in order to successfully navigate through the program. We would always consider referring to the Suggested Course Sequencing Guide on the last page of the Degree Completion Plan (DCP).

For further information and details regarding the School Counseling Program, please review our School Counseling Program Page.