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'Football crusade' article shows Liberty's mission is far-reaching

November 28, 2012  |  By Mitzi Bible/Liberty University News Service

A recent New York Times article featuring Liberty University’s “football crusade” has helped to advance Liberty’s mission as the school looks to achieve success on a national scale, in the likes of powerhouse Notre Dame.

“We have received extremely positive comments from Liberty alumni, fans, and athletics administrators from all over the country,” said Jeff Barber, Liberty’s director of athletics. “It gave them a deeper understanding of our mission and our accomplishments to date. Athletics will shine the light on the university's mission as demonstrated simply by this article.”

In a welcome surprise, one of those comments came from Notre Dame’s president emeritus, the Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh. In a letter to Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr., Hesburgh said he enjoyed the article, encouraged Falwell, Jr. with a story of Notre Dame’s rise to the top from a football roster of only 16, and sent “sincere congratulations and prayers for continuing growth in the years to come.”

Falwell, Jr. said he was moved by Hesburgh's thoughtfulness.

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