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Graduates charged to protect values, freedom at Commencement 2014

May 14, 2014  | 

As the Class of 2014 reflected on its accomplishments during Liberty University’s 41st Commencement Ceremony, they were reminded of the road ahead, and the opposition they will face. Though the world is growing increasingly hostile toward the values and liberties they hold dear, they were pointed toward their ultimate hope in God, who gives grace and power to overcome. With that in mind, they were encouraged to boldly be a light into the darkness of this world.

“You should go out into the world and be salt and light. And most of all, you should be bold in your faith and embrace opportunities to stand up for the truth,” Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, the keynote speaker, charged the graduates. “You never know when you might be planting a seed that will change someone’s life forever.”

President Jerry Falwell echoed this challenge as he conferred nearly 17,800 degrees to Liberty’s largest graduating class: “You should not find satisfaction with the commonplace in character, attitude, and values; by your example you should raise the intellectual and moral tone of society.”

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