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Life-long learning: Inspiring 87-year-old graduates

April 29, 2008  |  Tara Maxwell

For 87-year-old Latance Futch, hearing Pomp and Circumstance playing in her honor in the little country church where she has taught Sunday school for almost 60 years is one of her most cherished moments.

A child of two farmers in northern Louisiana during the Great Depression, Futch recalls the days before reliable refrigeration and electricity. For her, graduating from college was a life-long dream that hadn’t been realized until a few years ago.

“When I graduated from high school in 1937, times were so hard,” she said. “Daddy said, ‘Latance, I’ll mortgage the farm and get money for you to go to college,’ and I knew enough about making a living that it would be a risky thing if I would go on and get my education and couldn’t get a job, so I declined the idea and I went on to get married and raise two girls.”

Futch began her college studies in 2002 through Liberty University’s Distance Learning Program. At that time, she did all of her course work through mail correspondence. Now LU’s Distance Learning is a completely online program with more than 25,000 students.

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