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LU Online student wins big on Wheel of Fortune

February 01, 2009  |  Arkansas Online - Tammy Keith

LITTLE ROCK — Jenna Morehart of Conway didn’t find her fortune on the Wheel, but she did find a trip to Paris.

Morehart, 24, is still stunned that she was picked to be on Wheel Of Fortune and that she won money and a trip at a game “I’m terrible at,” she said.

Her episode of Wheel Of Fortune will air at 6:30 p.m. Thursday on KATV Channel 7.

Morehart said her husband, Tyler, is a fan of the game show. “He watches it and was just dying to beon the show,” she said.

When the show came to Conway in November to audition contestants, “he was begging me to come ... and at the last minute I did,” she said.

Their names - along with about 2,500 others - were put into a big “lottery-type hopper,” she explained.

Her name was drawn randomly, but not her husband’s.

“He was freaking out. He was thrilled for me, because he just wanted somebody to be up there,” she said. “He’s much better than I am- I’m not joking, either.”

She didn’t solve the sample puzzle, but the game show officials said the tapes would be reviewed for people to be chosen.

“We kind of forgot about it,” she said.

She got an e-mail Jan. 8 inviting her to the Capital Hotel in Little Rock for further weeding out of potential contestants.

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