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Liberty University Online freezes tuition rates

April 01, 2009  |  Mitzi Bible

Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr. announces tuition cuts to the convocation crowd

Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr. announced earlier this semester that Liberty University will be cutting tuition for the 2009-10 academic year by nearly $6 million in an effort to make college more affordable for its new and existing students.

“In convocation I told the students to let us know if their families were experiencing financial difficulties,” Falwell said. “A number of them did so. In response to that feedback and, because of the general condition of the national economy, we decided to decrease next fall’s tuition rates.”

Already published tuition rates for the 2009-10 academic year were reduced from $16,532 to less than $16,000 for up to 36 credit hours.

The tuition cut is being offered to students who complete Financial Check-In prior to May 1.

To offset the cut, the university may defer certain road projects required by the City of Lynchburg when enrollment on campus reaches 12,000 students. No academic or athletic projects are slated to be delayed.

The university made a decision last year to hold enrollment at 11,500 for the next two years.

Falwell said the administration is also considering innovative new loan programs for next fall, and the school is bolstering its Career Center to help students find jobs more easily.

“Liberty University has been blessed with generous contributions over the last two years, and this is our way of sharing that generosity with our students in a time of financial crisis and layoffs across the entire country,” he said.

The university is expecting an additional 3,900 students in the fall, with total resi- dent enrollment estimated at 11,500.

The chancellor also announced that Liberty University Online is freezing its tuition for fall 2009 at current rates.

The online program, which provides more than 36 degree programs and services 32,000 students, ranks among the lowest of online accredited universities for affordable tuition.

“We want to encourage prospective students and our current online stu- dents to finish their degree — or begin earning their first degree,” said Chris Johnson, Vice President for Enrollment Management. “Now is the time to do so, and this is just one way we can help them earn a quality education from the world’s most exciting university.”