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A week to honor America’s heroes

November 04, 2011  |  Cami Smith

Liberty University sets aside a special week each year to honor the men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces in our defense.  This year during Military Emphasis Week, efforts to raise awareness and appreciation for the military among students, the community and the nation will continue.

“The purpose of Military Emphasis Week is to show appreciation for those who have served our country,” said Director of Military Affairs Emily Foutz. “Veterans, servicemembers and their families have made significant sacrifices for our freedoms, and we want to stop and express our gratitude during this week.”

A highlight of this year’s Military Emphasis Week will be the address at Military Convocation from Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin (Ret.), a “holy warrior” who openly speaks about how his faith in God sustained him in battle, according to CBS News. This Convocation service is open to servicemembers and veterans who are a part of the Liberty community.

Throughout the week, Liberty will offer opportunities for Liberty students and members of the local community to gain a better understanding of the U.S. Military.

“We hope that the Liberty faculty, students, staff, and the surrounding community will join us in the events throughout the week,” Foutz said.

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