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Liberty invests back into education

July 15, 2011  |  Heather Michaels

Liberty University Online continues to pursue excellence and success by changing lives one degree at a time. Much of this mission rests upon Liberty’s status as a non-profit institution.

As a non-profit institution, Liberty University offers the lowest tuition rates among top online universities. With competitively low tuition rates, Liberty is an affordable option to attain a degree online.  Liberty desires to maintain low tuition rates and strives to keep the goal of graduation the main priority for their students.

Liberty understands the need to provide accredited, online degrees to students, while continually reinvesting back into their education. Producing new degree programs and specializations, while establishing resources and services, allows students to pursue their goals with the support they need to succeed. Liberty’s Online Writing Center, the Virtual Career Center, a partnership with, and other resources establish a platform to engage students in pursuing academic excellence. Alongside the numerous academic services, Liberty Online Ministries provides spiritual resources necessary to encourage and strengthen students and their families.

Liberty’s status as a non-profit institution is accelerating its mission of Training Champions for Christ. This reality has opened the door of opportunity and success to the 60,000 students, and counting, currently enrolled with Liberty Online.