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Flood Victim Awarded Scholarship

June 29, 2010  |  University Advancement Staff

L-R: Robert J. Morgan (Pastor), Emily Hernandez, Nehemiah Hernandez, Don Redden, Jeff Nichols (Executive Pastor)

Following tragic flooding this spring in Nashville, Tenn., Liberty University Online awarded the Nashville Flood Relief Scholarship to Nehemiah Hernandez. The scholarship provides Hernandez, who lost his home to flood waters, with the opportunity to continue his education by pursuing a graduate degree.

The idea for the scholarship came from LU Online Academic Advisor Don Redden, a former resident of Nashville, who spent a few days assisting victims of the flood and returned home inspired to continue his efforts from Lynchburg, Va.

LU Online partnered with The Donelson Fellowship of Nashville, who identified Hernandez as the deserving recipient of the scholarship, valued at $20,000.

The record-breaking flood waters damaged and ruined homes in and around Nashville, and drastically altered Hernandez’s life.

 “I lost my home, the majority of my possessions, and I lost my car,” he said. “But I don’t feel that I need to put my life back together the exact way it was.”

After suffering the effects of natural disaster on his lifestyle, Hernandez plans to alter his life further by receiving a scholarship to Liberty.

“I can use this opportunity to take my life a different direction that God would want me,” he said. “I feel like this is an opportunity to further my education and seek God’s kingdom first and not just a career path.”