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New academic programs launch this fall

June 18, 2010  |  University Advancement staff

In continuing our focus to offer programs relevant in today’s marketplace, Liberty University Online will introduce two new programs of study this fall. In addition to more than 40 quality academic programs currently offered through LU Online, students may also choose to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics and a Master of Education in Teaching & Learning with a concentration in Educational Technology and Online Instruction.

Learn more about our expanding programs:

The aeronautics program through Liberty equips students with a practical understanding of aviation and effective aeronautical decision-making skills necessary to serve as a commercial, military or missionary pilot. As a student of the largest flight school in Virginia, you will develop a comprehensive knowledge for safe and effective flight operations subject to weather, aero-medical issues and legal responsibilities.

This program is designed for individuals who have earned initial teaching licensure but desire to transition into the field of instructional technology. Courses will equip you to use the latest technology to enhance student learning, demonstrate effective leadership practices based in Biblical and ethical values, and to evaluate and apply current technology research to a variety of educational settings.

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