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LU Online offers 25% discount to emergency personnel

May 24, 2010  | 

Liberty University is committed to excellence in education, as well as giving back to those who serve in and offer protection for our communities. For this reason, Liberty University Online has established the Towns/Kopis Emergency Response Tuition Discount, which offers a 25-percent discount to undergraduate emergency response students and Fraternal Order of Police members.

To be eligible for the tuition discount, students must be currently (or within the past five years) employed or volunteering in the areas of law enforcement, emergency services, Civil Air Patrol (CAP), fire safety and/or rescue work.

In addition, law enforcement officers are eligible to receive 14 credit hours, with proof of completion of basic law enforcement training from a state-accredited criminal justice academy.
Correction officers are eligible to receive up to nine credit hours with proof of completion from a state-accredited criminal justice academy.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), unemployment rates decreased and earnings increased with each level of education. Additionally, the BLS reports that in 2009, workers who hold a bachelor’s degree earn more than $1500 a month on average than a worker who holds a high school diploma.

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