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New ICST Courses for Spring

January 14, 2010  |  University Advancement Staff

This spring, Liberty University Online will add global perspective to its religion curriculum by offering four new undergraduate courses in Inter-Cultural Studies. In addition to the current ICST 200 (Introduction to Missions), the school will add Contemporary Mission Problems and Issues (ICST 338), History and Survey of Missions (ICST 355) and Theology of Missions (ICST 420) in February and Cultural Anthropology (ICST 300) in March.

The Inter-Cultural program presents a unique opportunity for students because of its flexibility and low cost. Liberty students can take the five core courses of the Inter-Cultural Studies major online for full college credit. Non-Liberty students who complete the five courses can earn a certificate which, for a minimal fee, can be transferred to another university as elective credits. The program also allows transfer students to earn a minor in Inter-Cultural Studies from Liberty University Online at a fraction of the normal tuition cost.

The curriculum was offered as certificate courses at the Urbana (Ill.) Conference in December to non-resident Liberty students in other colleges and universities. The conference, a tri-annual event attracting more than 20,000 mission-minded students from secular and Christian universities across America, is an opportunity for Liberty recruiters to meet prospective students for its ICST certificate program.

“This will help us train missionaries all over the globe,” said Dr. Don Fanning, director of Liberty’s Center for Global Ministries. “I think the outreach from this can be tremendous.”