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Tuesday, September 3, 2013
Broke till Payday

by Christina Hadley

Bills. They form a mountain that I can’t seem to conquer.  I mean, it is pretty depressing when you get your paycheck and you know exactly where all of it is going before it hits your bank.


 When I wake up on payday, the first thing I do is check my account. I feel pretty good for about five minutes, and then begin the painful task of distributing my hard earned dollars to Ms. Landlord, my pal Verizon, the ever thirsty being that is my vehicle, the ever hungry being that is my stomach, the essential utilities, and everyone’s favorite: sweet Miss Sallie Mae.


 I have it down to a “T,” what money is going where when. Unfortunately, very little actually has an extended stay in my account. I usually spend the last few days before pay day flirting with the zero balance on my account; I decided to combat this issue by getting a second job.  Picking up a part time job during my free time, couldn’t be that bad!


Oh, how naïve I was! Working 8 AM to 10 PM or later is ROUGH!  Literally, it feels like all I do is work and sleep, and sometimes sleep is often hard to fit in. Social life? Forget it! Work is the extent of my social life. It is a good day if I am able to eat lunch between taking care of “business-hour” things and commuting from one job to the next.


Even better is the clothing change between jobs. I am all about efficiency, so most times I change in the car while I am driving. I won’t lie; there has been a time or two where I have ended up with some fashion mishaps. Skirts over pants; that’s fashionable, right? The tag is on the outside of my shirt? Isn’t that how you wear yours? One high-heeled shoe, one flat…at least they are the same color. Embarrassing!


It just seems that my life right now is revolving around one thing, bills. Right now the means to pay those bills seems to have everything else going to the wayside. Aren’t we meant to enjoy life? It shouldn’t be all work and no play.


 Luckily, I was able to get some time a while back and gained a little perspective. Yes, I have things I need to take care of, but my sanity is one of those things. If my spiritual, social, sleeping needs are not being met, then what is the point of having my physical, and financial needs met? When I was in college, one thing that I was constantly told by a mentor was to “schedule time to schedule time.” I never really understood that, until now. When I sit down and plan out where my time and money are going, I actually can see where there is excess. Just because there is excess, doesn’t mean there is somewhere that it has to go. Sometimes when you are having the hectic schedule, it is nice to save your money and have a bum day at home.


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