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Wednesday, January 30, 2013
What About Me?

by Korinne Pina

It’s the end of January.  How well have you committed to your New Year’s Resolutions so far? 

Allow me to share how it’s going for me…

Full of hope and expectation, I could hear “Eye of the Tiger” playing as I set goals like lose weight, get out of debt, and reduce stress.  Desperately motivated for things to change, I envisioned myself like Rocky when he victoriously ascends to the top of the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum.  Maybe with a little luck, my new theme song would finally take the heavyweight title and allow me to taste victory, even if just this year.  But after the first few days, my well-intentioned efforts began to give way to the old habits that held me captive, and I knew in my heart that defeat was on the horizon.    

Now here we are, only halfway through the first month of the New Year, and regretfully, my ambitions are shaping up to be nothing but déjà vu yet again.  Holding the heavyweight championship title with renewed vigor, my more experienced theme song has issued a harsh and savage technical knockout to its rather naïve contender.  Eye of the Tiger never stood a chance!  The idea of another year of failed resolutions taunts me as the old familiar theme song plays “Another one down, and another one down. Another one bites the dust”!

My half-hearted investment permitted me to grieve my loss quickly as my well-intentioned efforts not only accepted defeat, but died an early death.  I tried to be optimistic by telling myself that perhaps it was better than imprisonment with a life-sentence of unrealized goals.  Better to just accept that this is just the way it is and will always be.

But somewhere deep inside, a still small voice whispers, “Does it really have to be?  Your goal is right, but your approach is all wrong.  Without the right method and My spirit to guide you, failure is not only probable, it is inevitable!  There is one small, yet significant focus you must maintain to guarantee your victory…Me.”

God then laid the following scripture on my heart.  "I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5.

I was leaving out the most important part – God!

It’s so easy to forget our dependence on God.  It takes more than willpower to change.  But when we humble ourselves and acknowledge Him to help us in meeting our goals, God is able to bless our efforts making our resolutions of this year become next year’s reality!

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